5 Personality traits of petite women

Updated on Dec 05, 2012
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Jeetly 's Thoughts:

Can a specific personality trait really exist for petite women? Studies have found petite women to have distinctive attributes similar to the ‘Napoleon’ complex in men, which is more commmonly referred to as “Short-man syndrome”. Short men have more concerns with height than short women as they are typically the taller sex, hence they have to live up to those stereotypes. Most females who are petite are not too bothered by their height, however they almost always posess the following characteristics which suggests they are subconsciously aware of their lacking height.

1. Petites are more ambitious – Researchers believe that the belittling of women due to height and childlike associations induces antagonistic behaviour causing the petite to overcome their ‘cute’ stereotype. This heightens their spirit and personality making them successful and dominant in their field of work.

2. Petites have more success with men – Petite women are more likely to succeed in a long term relationship than taller women with a higher percentage likely to have kids. According to a study of nearly 10,000 women in the UK, those with heights between 5 feet and 5 feet 3 inches were most likely to have children by the age of 42. This is regardless of social status. An explanation for this is unclear, however one possibility could be related to evolution, whereby certain characteristics of taller women in the past were indicative of reaching puberty later and were therefore late in sexual development.

3. Petites are more jealous – New scientist magazine’s researchers found that women around the height of 5ft seemed to score highest on the jealousy rating scale, and women above 5 foot 6 scoring lowest. The same was true of men but more amplified. It also showed that the type of jealousy was not so much inclined towards beauty but more with powerful women, whether it be social or physical power.

4. Petites are more feminine – High levels of oestrogen halt bone growth, so naturally a petite lady will be smaller and more slenderly boned. Of course this may not apply with all women, but a woman who is kinder, affectionate and loving stands to fill the qualities that most men desire and love. High oestrogen levels make women more feminine and also contribute to facial attractiveness, the hormone reduces bone growth and makes the nose and chin smaller.

5. Petites are modest of their beauty – Petite women can be very pre-occupied with their height giving them an innocence and a lack of confidence with their appearance. Their modesty could also be the result of their child like associations which psychologically affect self confidence.

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