PEONY - wealth and beauty - flower sign bracelet silver pendant on cord

Updated on Oct 18, 2013
3 Wind Knots bracelet
3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet
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3windknotsjewels 's Thoughts:

Whispers of flowers

Whispers of flowers are mysterious, they cannot be seen, heard or touched… they must be heard by the heart. Flowers are as different as their whispers. Listen and you will feel that the sky-blue, tiny Forget-me-not wishes bring true love and hope, the joyful Daisy – loyal love and the Peony – wealth and good health.

Wear a jewel and remember to listen and hear the whispers of flowers.


Lush, vital PEONY is the flower of prosperity and a symbol of wealth and beauty. It symbolizes happy life, happy marriage and good health.

This is a handmade design piece which is hand stamped in silver. Every single jewel is made with love, to be unique and special reminder of your wishes and be closer to achieving them!

Sterling Silver 925 bracelet/necklace

Pendant size: 1,7cm
Cord length 40cm, adjustable****
Packaging: jewel placed in brown linen bag and metal tan. Can sizes d:56 mm and h:61mm.
Logo, flower picture and flower description printed on can

cord color: nude and black( please advice!)

Collection options:

1. CLOVER symbolizes faith, love and, hope
2. CHAMOMILE – initiative and resourcefulness
3. NARCISSUS – love, wealth and good fortune
4. LILAC – love and confidence
5. COWSLIP – grace and beauty
6. HYACINTH symbolizes fervour and rashness
7. LILY OF THE VALLEY – return of happiness, purity of heart and sweetness.
8. DAISY – innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, and simplicity
9. FORGET-ME-NOT – true love, hope, remembrance, and memories
10. CHRYSANTHEMUM – cheerfulness, optimism, rest, truth, long life, and joy
11. JASMINE – love and grace.
12. DANDELION – flirting, coquetry, faithfulness, and happiness.
13. PEONY – wealth and beauty
14. IRIS – faith, wisdom, and valor
15. POPPY – health, strength, oblivion, and imagination
16. CORNFLOWER – delicacy
17. MAGNOLIA – beauty, dignity, and nobility
18. VIOLET – romantic thought, contemplation memories, and love
19. CHERRY BLOSSOMS – gentleness, kindness, beauty and youth
20. SNOWDROP- purity and hope
21. SWEET PEA – blissful pleasure
22. ORCHID – love, beauty, and wisdom
23. ROSE – completion, achievement, and perfection
24. LOTUS – purity, growth, and potential.

Please drop me a line which is your best collection option and cord color for your new braclet or necklace!

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