End of a Saga

Updated on Nov 24, 2012
black gift blazer - navy silk Accessorize scarf
Black-gift-blazer-navy-silk-accessorize-scarf Black-gift-blazer-navy-silk-accessorize-scarf Black-gift-blazer-navy-silk-accessorize-scarf
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carljacela 's Thoughts:

Now that I had rested I can wrote about what happened today. My day began at 7:30. I was planning to wake up at 7 because we have to leave at around 8 because we’re going to watch the first showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Resorts World. As I was getting dressed the idea of the saga of which I fell madly in love with for the past years was about to end.

We managed to get there at around 9:30 which was perfect for the show starts at 9:45. We went straight to the movie theatre which was at the 4th floor. There was almost no people there because it was still so early. After getting to our seats my mum and I went out to buy breakfast first so we can eat during the film.

The movie was soooooo good (I would probably do another post talking about the saga). I got goosebumps as the film started and all throughout the film. Renesmee was so adorable and the effects they’ve used to show the powers of the vampires was also good.

I cried, yes, I did. And this is not just the normal crying, I was bawling my eyes out, twice!!! I had to keep the sound as muted as possible though because I don’t want to disturb someone haha. I got really emotional and my chest tightened. I couldn’t explain it clearly but I got really emotional. After the film I still can’t believe the saga ended.

Oh, I almost forgot, forgive me for the quality of the photo. I took this when we went shopping after the film, this was at Mango. It’s a good thing I took some photos because I wasn’t able to get any outfit photos again earlier because we were doing lots of things.


Comments (2)

rhemel on November 25
I love how you added that scarf!!!!
carljacela on November 25
Merci beaucoup :] I actually bought that scarf months ago but this this the first time I wore it haha. It's a pity I wasn't able to take a photo with better quality.
exxomodels on November 24
cute :)
carljacela on November 25
Merci beaucoup :]
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