Sun, Thunder, Grass Snake- Charm necklace or bracelet with meaning

Updated on Oct 18, 2013
3 win knots bracelet
3-win-knots-bracelet 3-win-knots-bracelet 3-win-knots-bracelet 3-win-knots-bracelet 3-win-knots-bracelet
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3windknotsjewels 's Thoughts:

This is unique Latvian sign with deep meaning, a handmade design piece which is moulded in wax and engraved in silver. Every single jewel is made with love, to be unique and special reminder of your wishes and be closer to achieving them!

I ask for..

I ask for… jewellery serves as a spool with thread, where your most secret desires lie. The thread shows the shortest way to your dreams and helps to remain on your path and achieve what you need most of all. There are simple messages from deep within us – use them as your guide for strength, clarity, love, energy, new beginnings, prosperity, harmony, wisdom and, most of all, health and protection.


You want to get rid of dependences and diseases. Just ask, and you will receive.

Silver 925 pendant necklace or bracelet:

Pendant size: length 2cm, height 0,7cm, thickness 0,1cm
Linen thread: length 75cm
Card with message
Wooden spool: height 5,5 cm, diameter 3,7 cm

thread available in following colors: natural, brown, black, yellow, green, blue, red, gray, orange, pink(the color can be slightly change from one in picture).

Collection options:

1. STAR, CROSS, SUN, jewel for ladies – prosperity, fertility and health
2. SUN, THUNDER, GRASS SNAKE – get rid of dependences and diseases
3. CROSS, MOON, PROSPERITY, jewel for gentlemen – protection and prosperity
4. CROSS, GOD, THUNDER – protection and prosperity
5. HAPPINESS BRUSH – sweeps away all the bad things and brings happiness
6. SUN, GOD, CROSS, jewel for ladies – brings protection and love.
7. THUNDER, GOD, THUNDER – harmony, balance and love
8. SUN, GOD, THUNDER, jewel for children, protection and love
9. SUN, THUNDER, SIGN OF LIFE – energy, prosperity and strength
10. SUN, THUNDER, SIGN OF LIFE – brings health and well being

Please drop me a line which is your best collection option and thread color would you prefer for your new bracelet or necklace!

Comments (2)

DheaAbarentos on December 28
Im interested in getting this but with the SUN THUNDER SIGN OF LIFE pendant. I just have a few questions... can it be made with the leather cord instead? and how thin is the leather cord and does it break easily if worn daily? Thanks.
3windknotsjewels on December 29
Hi! Do you mean this style: ? Sure, it's possible on leather cord(black or brown; leather diameter ~ 2,0 mm)! It's lovely and great for daily wear, but it is still leather with all properties of it! :) Let me know! xo
anonymours on December 28
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