Updated on Nov 21, 2012
Polo Ralph Lauren sweater - navy JCrew jeans - neutral Reiss bag
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

I hope your weekend was swell! Today I’m sharing the last day of my 3 denim work day looks. If you didn’t see my first look for this grouping you can see it here. For the second outfit take a look right here. For the back story I attended 3 days of work training where I was allowed to wear jeans. When given permission to “dress down” like this I still need it keep the look polished and professional; nothing is easier than a trouser jean for that role. Of course they’re a great choice whether or not your in a work environment; especially for elongating the leg making you appear taller. Do you have a favorite style or of denim? Is the trouser jean one of them?

I’ll level with you about a few things here. When I choose this look on day 3 of my training my brain was fried. Long days using parts of your grey matter that are usually napping will do that to you (not bad days, but rigorous). So when I chose this I was leaning on my fashion foundations. For me those are based in classic, well tailored pieces with a love for color and pattern. I also ended up taking these pictures a day or so later and I think I put on a few more or different baubles than I originally wore. Having the chance of a do-over there are a few pieces I might remove.

Since this sweater is classic, but graphic it was easy to pair with these great trouser jeans. I didn’t want a sweater that was too long or at least one that defines my waist. Keeping the bag and belt in neutral tones allows the other pieces to stand out. One of those items being these yellow pumps. You might be surprised in what heavy rotation you’ll place a yellow shoe. Seriously, try it! I layered a few necklaces with the longer one adding some color to the black and white sweater. Is this a denim look you’d wear for work? What’s your favorite piece?

All the items in this look have a long style life. They may have stronger moments than others but each piece is versatile and gives you a lot of choices for other pairings; which is what a classic items is really supposed to provide. What’s your favorite, classic, wardrobe heavy hitter or something about yourself that you’d describe as classic?

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Lucyss on November 22
really pretty bag!
bitternessbarbie on November 22
Great outfit! Also I totally agree with you about denim trousers <3 I live in Portland OR and would totally wear an outfit like this work.
pattyideas on November 21
lov it
Rayy on November 21
great outfit.the heels's colour is perfect...lvoe it following dear
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