DIY Chevron Sweater

Updated on Nov 18, 2012
black black Forever 21 sweater
Black-black-forever-21-sweater Black-black-forever-21-sweater Black-black-forever-21-sweater Black-black-forever-21-sweater Black-black-forever-21-sweater
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ChristieREdwards7587 's Thoughts:

I happened upon her DIY Chevron Sweatshirt post via Facebook and my DIY itch surfaced. Who doesn’t LOVE Chevron? Again, I really liked the idea of creating a version of my own, more than the idea of failing, so I gave it a try. Because of my perfectionist tendencies, I confess that I developed some anxiety with the idea of taping…serious anxiety O_o! To be even more honest, I asked my husband (the precisionist) to do it for me and he obliged though time was not in our favor as he had to work. SIGH I took a deep breath and sought the challenge of the perfect straight line and angle, on my own! I’m thrilled I forced myself to step out of my comfort zone, and stopped being the BIG OLE BABY I was! I also went ahead and adopted the following mantra to get me through ‘it does NOT have to be perfect.’ Geesh, all this Christie?

Here is what you need:

1 – Sweatshirt. I chose a sweater purchased from Forever 21 because I didn’t want to invest money into something really nice and then mess it up. I believe Margaux used a man’s sweatshirt, so choose what works best for you. Keep how you want your sweater to fit in mind as well.

1 – Can of Rust Oleum metallic gold spray (pictured). I am not a lover of gold though I am trying to embrace it, so I stopped looking for silver and went for the GOLD (no pun intended ;-))

1 – Roll of 3M 1" painter’s tape (yep, that blue kind).

1- Ruler. I tried using it and ended up tossing it across the room, but it could prove to be helpful to some of you.

1 – Piece of chalk or a white colored pencil. I am a visualist, so this was extremely helpful for me to envision where I needed to start, end, etc., though I free-styled towards the end.

1 – Pair of shears.

1 – Bundle of newspapers, or scrap pieces of paper. I suggest you lay your sweater on the newspaper first before taping. I ended up moving the sweater AFTER I taped. I know, too much like right. Let’s just say you are conveniently learning from my little mistakes, though it all worked out in the end.

Note: I measured from the sides of the sweater to find the center of the sweater to help me figure out where the points of the pattern should be. I tried to measure 3" between each line but…yea, that wasn’t working for me, so I just went with how the distance looked.

Make sure you spray with a sweeping motion unless you want a really concentrated gold look. In addition, be mindful of the drops that can occur if you aren’t paying attention to your spraying method. Depending on where you spray I suggest to also use a fan to help speed the process up. My kids of course had to create a shirt so, we had triple the mess, triple the fumes.

I let it dry for about 30 minutes in front of the fan, and slowly removed the pieces of tape. There you have it, BAM!! Your very own fashionably created DIY Chevron Sweater, or whatever pattern you choose to make. I am sure you made it through the process with much less anxiety than I :-).

Here’s to taking on our challenges head FIRST!

Living Simplistically!

Comments (5)

AdjuaO on November 21
Awesome, thanks for sharing!
ChristieREdwards7587 on November 21
Thank you AdjuaO!
fernandafgm on November 19
Stylish and cute!
ChristieREdwards7587 on November 20
Thank you rhemel!
bkgurl36 on November 18
ChristieREdwards7587 on November 20
Thank you vickilou12 :-)
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on November 18
wow! great job! looks fantastic!
ChristieREdwards7587 on November 20
Thank you Melodic_Thrifty_Chic! There is ONE little thing I don't like, but I know I'm being extra picky.
LubkaChristova on November 18
that is a great DIY idea! now I only need to find a spray and have some fun :)
ChristieREdwards7587 on November 18
If I can do it! You can do it :-) The taping was the hardest part for me but I really like how it came out.
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