The Off Season

Updated on Nov 17, 2012
Paige jeans - Ali & Kris jacket - melie bianco bag - banana republic blouse
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

It’s November. I know. I realize that today’s post may not remind you of November weather but there are a couple of reasons I’m sharing this with you today. I mentioned over the last few posts that I’ve gotten a new camera. While I’m stoked to use it I have a few pictures I took previously that I wanted to share. After all, I don’t want to make my other cameras feel like they’re not appreciated. They’ve worked hard for me and just deserve a little nap haha.

The other I’m sharing this post? I’m trying to save you some cash. Did that catch your attention? I thought so. A few months ago in this post I said how excited I was to be attending 3 days of work training where I’d get to wear jeans (not the norm for my office environment). It seems like a little thing but for those of us who don’t get to wear jeans at work on the reg it’s sadly thrilling. So how does saving you money come into play? While everyone else out there is snapping up Fall & Winter fashions now is the perfect time to pick up some off season items on the cheap… or at least cheapER.

My mom taught me to use this theory when shopping for Christmas ornaments by shopping the sales after the season is over. That can translate to just about anything, especially items that have been on your “to buy” list for a while but haven’t gotten around to yet. White jeans are a wardrobe must; nevertheless I find them to be one of the hardest items to settle on. I searched high and low before finding a pair I loved. These are Paige Skyline Skinny jeans from Piperlime. They’re the perfect style (skinny but not too tight) and the denim is soft but thick. Anyone else get annoyed when white denim is see through? I thought so…

I knew they’d be a great choice for my one of my 3 denim work looks. While I was allowed to wear jeans over the 3 days my looks still needed to be polished. I kept the palette really classic so that it feels dressy and more professional. What do you like to wear with jeans at work if/when you can wear them? Do you think this look was appropriate? I’ll post my other denim looks over the coming days. In the meantime go out and find yourself some white jeans during the off season while they’re on sale. You AND your wallet can thank me later

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jwentsoul on November 17
I Love your style! I gave you a + 1 and followed you! If you would, please return the favor and + 1 my newest look "A stone of spirit, wave of eternity" as well as follow me, Id really appreciate it!! :) Thank you so much xoxo Jenny
gotcathy on November 17
love your top
bkgurl36 on November 17
ErinD on November 17
Cute! Hot jacket!
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