Green & Navy

Updated on Nov 15, 2012
navy pleated thrifted skirt - dark green bows print sweater
Dark-green-bows-print-sweater-heather-gray-tights-black-vintage-picard-purse Navy-pleated-thrifted-skirt-dark-green-bows-print-sweater Navy-pleated-thrifted-skirt-dark-green-bows-print-sweater Navy-pleated-thrifted-skirt-dark-green-bows-print-sweater
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello chictopians!!

I almost forgot to post something lately. That’s not really a new picture. I took it last month when the weather was nice and warm.

I wanted to mix green and navy since last year but now l finally had the chance to take a picture of this colors combination. My favorite piece here is definetely the green bows sweater. It’s very comfy and soft, the color is gorgeous (in real life it looks darker but somehow my camera can’t shares its real warm tone) and l love its playful girly print.

I hope you’ll like it my friends!! Have a nice day!<3


Comments (65)

lillexi08 on May 26
nice too!! send some of your followers my way pls! new to this!
gypsiejen on May 03
super cute, everything! And great shoes
tekokecil on December 27
hi dear how are you? This look is very pretty, I love the color and the pattern of your sweater, it really a "must-have" item dear! Combine with navy skirt and gray tights = Beautiful and very inspiring <33 chic voted for sure
_SERENITY_ on December 27
oh thank you very much sweetie<33 l'm fine! hope youé ok too!! :D xx
DumitruClaudia on December 16
love your sweater <3
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks dear :D xx
Opal on December 13
such a darling top with the little bows! perfectly feminine and suits your style well.
_SERENITY_ on December 15
thank you lovely<3 xx
tauyanm on December 06
the sweater looks so perfect dar!! nice combonation with eveyrhting! xxx
_SERENITY_ on December 15
thanks honey :D xx
saladtong on December 03
such a cute sweater! :D
lalipops on December 02
that sweater is so cute!! <3
deathbyplatforms on November 26
oh this is lovely. the top is pretty!
SKYHIGHSTYLE on November 26
Wow, such an unexpected colour combination, but it's gorgeous! +1
_SERENITY_ on December 15
thanks babe :D xx
mindy13579 on November 24
The sweater is so lovely!
anyelina on November 24
Love this look !! + 1 voted !!
mercik on November 24
Cute as usual
ninnda on November 24
fall winter outfit always suit you very well <3 gorgeous sweater and yet so comfy and warm! navy and blue what a color! <3 the brown belt are the final great touch!! very chic! voted!! mmmuaaah <3
_SERENITY_ on December 15
ohh my thank you so much sweetie<3 xx
freedomwings on November 21
very cute green sweater dear!! I also like your heart necklace, it pairs well with the sweater!! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving! <3 +1
_SERENITY_ on November 21
thank you so much dear :D xx
Lucyss on November 21
Absolutely gorgeous! I really love your skirt with that blouse!!! such a nice match!!! faved:)
_SERENITY_ on November 21
wow thaank you honey<3 xx
Laura86 on November 21
you look so cute! that green top with the little bows is gorgeous!
ijbernabe on November 21
I always love your looks!!! xx +1
arraabella on November 20
Totally in love with this look! Voted chic!
IIB on November 20
sweet... :)
lustigerini on November 20
Gorgeous look dear! Love overall this vintage style, you look always stylist dear +1 voted and faved :) miss you ^^
_SERENITY_ on November 21
l missed you too baby <3 thank you! xx
MissChichi on November 19
looking good,love ur sweater
glanvillebaby on November 19
love all these colors together, your blouse is lovely and the flared skirt is perfect! :)
sparklesandroses on November 19
I love this!! Especially loving that top :) So pretty as usual!!
anythingariel on November 19
loving the outfit!
koola_ola on November 19
very chic as always! loving the cute print on your shirt!
_SERENITY_ on November 22
thanks dear :D xx
FashionTrendsMore on November 19
this is so lovely! great shirt :)
WinnipegStyle on November 18
Amazing outfit! I adore these colors together! So perfectly styled!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thank you lovely<3 xx
annabel_lee on November 18
nice heart-shaped pendant:)
amorphous_face on November 18
okay since you are the queen of color combinations I wanted to inquire about some orange tights that I have. They are bright orange but not flou. In any event I want to wear them with a red dress that I already have. I am thinking I want to do a color block and add in a third color. what color do you recommend that will go with red and orange.
_SERENITY_ on November 19
If l'd have those red dress and bright orange tights the 3rd color (l'd like) would be something darker and peaceful like dark brown, navy, crimson, burgundy or forest green. But you can also choose for bold aquamarine, chartreuse or soft peach. You can add a classy 3/4 coat, jacket, blazer or cardigan. Because you'll already have tree big color blocks l would choose for simple accessories in
_SERENITY_ on November 19
classy colors like black, dark brown or neutrals – charcoal gray, camel or navy (something that makes the clothes stand out and keeps the outfit clean and elegant). Example: 1.) red dress, orange tights, dark brown coat, black purse, navy pumps 2.) red dress, orange tights, navy/ forest green jacket, camel/ nude purse and dark brown boots.
amorphous_face on November 19
so what third color do you recommend with red and orange?
INVERTED_COMMAS on November 18
Lovely :)
natyponders on November 17
I love bows all over! I think it would be a DIY idea. If you said it is darker in real life then it must be even more beautiful as I like deep green. Great look, you stay true to your style and you know what looks good on you. Like!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
aww thank you very much sweetie<3 xx
PofS on November 17
Lovely color combination! Si tu ai un vot de la mine!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks girl :D xx
fleurani on November 17
How fun and playful is this bow sweater, love that shade of green Oana. Have a wonderful weekend my dear :-*
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks hun :D xx
shoeaholic on November 17
what an adorable sweater & the skirt is a perfect match! love that necklace too!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks babe :D xx
jehanprouvaire on November 17
you never cease to amaze me!! what an adorable print on your top!! gorgeous color combination!! love your skirt!! faved!!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thaank you doll <3 xx
thriftqueen on November 17
Outfitlookbook on November 16
Love that blouse
luigutierrez on November 16
really love your style doll! :) and you're nice! thanks for welcoming me here in chictopia! You're my new found FASHIONABLE friend! :) i'll check out more of your later looks. much love.
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thank you so much baby<33 xx
MsMM on November 16
Like how you always pull off fall colours combinations so well :) The details in this outfit pop up such as how the little ribbon prints on your sweater matches your skirt <3 and I absolutely love how you wear the belt, skirt and leggings! Comfy and Chic <3 +1xoxo
_SERENITY_ on November 17
aww thank you so much sweetie<33 xx
Melodic_Thrifty_Chic on November 16
you always have the cutest accessories. nice attention to detail here. love that necklace!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thank you dear :D xx
Vickywuen on November 16
That's such a super gorgeous look! I absolutely love it! That sweater has the most adorable prints, so cute and feminine. I love how you paired it with the blue skirt, the color combination works very well. the tights make the outfit look sleek and the belt just held it all together. I'd love to have a bag like this too! Very pretty and definitely faved!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
wow thank you soo much sweetheart<3 your comments always mean so much to me! xoxo
imperfectidealist on November 16
love this new look! your cute bow sweater is a perfect color for navy and brown! very lovely and chic!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thanks a lot honey :D xx
lovestheday on November 16
what a great color combination, green and blue ^^ you look so lovely and feminine :)
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thank you doll :D xx
mochaccinoland on November 16
that bows print top is adorable!! u look lovely sweetie <3
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thanks hun :D xx
Nats on November 15
You look lovely like always Dear!!
Jen_A on November 15
Super cute sweater with bow print, dear!! Charming look! Chic!!!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thanks a lot darling :D xx
luigutierrez on November 15
love the entire look! sweet! :)
miaamos on November 15
cute everyday style look!!!love the colors and sandals!:))xo
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thanks hun :D xx
elsal on November 15
as cute and classy as always! love the colors so much! I missed you too dear <3 <3
Ajer on November 15
that is a gorgeous cozy sweater!, i like how the butterflies add into the high wasted skirt. The blue side purse is so simple and complimenting! +1 and u always look amazing!
rhemel on November 15
Love it!+1
byWoodsandWater on November 15
Pretty look! Love the green and blue combination!
folle_femme on November 15
What a pretty look! The color combo is wonderful and I adore your sweater!
_SERENITY_ on November 17
thanks a lot honey :D xx
GeorgiF on November 15
foarte draguta:)
IreneGreen on November 15
i love your bag. :)
initialedt on November 15
nice skirt
LilianCrossWood on November 15
curlybrain on November 15
hello gorgeous!!I been waiting for your new post and here we go another super vintage chic outfit.. and I just can't get over how well you styled your belt like that ..The green sweater is a great color and i love the bows in it so adorable.. Excellent choice of combining the navy blue skirt complementing very well.. I love the tights as well as your black bag..
_SERENITY_ on November 15
aww thank you soo much sweetheart<3 xx
curlybrain on November 15
awesome necklace and adorable earrings .. voted and of course fave...
DreamWithAngel on November 15
you look perfectly amazing :)
EsterDuraes on November 15
such a cute sweater, love your outfit!
Paka_Mille on November 15
I love this outfit, like the colour combination, +1
cecilej on November 15
lovely sweater and earrings! <3
IonelaMaican on November 15
my favourite combo :) blue&green rock!
AwesomeLiliiCheri on November 15
Love this look !!! *
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