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Updated on Feb 15, 2009
glasnost top - H&M top - glasnost skirt - Marc by Marc accessories - booties sho
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glasnost 's Thoughts:

In life, we don’t get everything we want. It took a really long time for me to realize that. But reading my friend’s (gyebbie) chictopia entry on Valentine’s day, I realized we don’t need everything we want. Especially, now that I’ve realized that what I wanted a really really long time ago isn’t exactly what I needed…and that if I did get it, I’d totally end up hurling.

I didn’t get v-day flowers for the first time in ages. I didn’t get anything but then I figured out that it’s really just about love. as cheesy as that sounds.

On the eve of love day, me and a bunch of my friends headed out to celebrate the birthday of our super almost too gorgeous friend, Carissa! The night was most definitely for the books.

It was just the love and wake-up call I needed : I had my Aces, Kings, Queen, Jacks, and Tens. I won. And really, there’s nothing better than getting a Royal Flush in life. Good thing I came with all my gear, my brand’s signature piece : the bondage skirt! paired with this gray rayon wrap around number I draped that afternoon all spiced up by a black and gold bolero. All topped with what I call SEX hair. The perfect ensemble for battle.

There was no reason to be a bitter single girl cliche on Valentine’s after all because being with the girls and getting together to celebrate all the best things in life was enough. Gabbie was right after all.

Gray Rayon Halter from Glasnost
Black Bondage Skirt from Glasnost
Black and Gold Bolero from H&M
Black and Gold clutch from Marc by Marc
Beige Suede Booties from Zara

Photo 2 : a few of the people I can’t live without
Photo 3 : fight fight fight
Photo 4 : my marc by marc clutch I got as a gift 4 days ago
Photo 5 : what I did with the bag, like I do most my stuff

The love did not stop. After my friends stayed over, I spent vday with my entire family and started a new tradition – our own version of thanksgiving on vday..

Comments (7)

joannaladrido on February 16
i loooove this !!!!
glasnost on February 23
stefoh on February 16
Your bondage skirt haunts me! I am totally in love with it.
glasnost on February 23
lissakahayon on February 15
I love the bondage skirt!!!!! HOT HOT!!!!!
glasnost on February 15
order order!! email me! 1000 available in glossy and matte black and also glossy gold :)
regerafael on February 15
love the skirt!
glasnost on February 15
place your orders! email me at available @ 1000 pesos in black and gold!
kniprup on February 15
you look hot! love everything, esp. that skirt!! :) and indeed an inspiring and great way to celebrate v-day. :)
glasnost on February 15
most definitely :) thanks so much
gyebbie on February 15
I watched Push with some friends who were angsty about being single, but all they really needed to be happy was some fro yo and late night garlic rice. You really won at life that night, I'm so happy for you. (I know the feeling mwahahahaha) GANDA MO. <3
glasnost on February 15
hahahahahaha. shit show. winning never felt so good!!!
libys11 on February 15
i need to get one of your bondage skirts!!!! SO FAB!! :D
glasnost on February 15
email me at and we can decide on an arrangement depending on where you are :D
libys11 on February 15
if you're shipping internationally, i would get it. :)
glasnost on February 15
available for orders! 1000 each! :)
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