Handmade Bracelet of SUCCESS- Amber and Silver Sign Pendant on leather

Updated on Oct 18, 2013
3 Wind Knots bracelet
3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet 3-wind-knots-bracelet
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3windknotsjewels 's Thoughts:

For more than 30 million years, nature has formed amber from coniferous forest tree sap on the shores of the Baltic Sea – the health, protection, luck and good fortune stone. Amber gathers within itself the Suns purifying and rejuvenation powers as well as the Earths absorption strength. These help to cleanse the human body in spirit and soul, converting negative energy to positive. This Sun stone protects the wearer from negative energy and reveals wisdom and knowledge. In the presence of amber, one will become creative, positive, accepting of change, be instilled with confidence and will help to follow ones dreams.

The amber in the creations of 3 wind knots jewels is collected on the shores of Kurzeme, Latvia, where a skilled craftsman selects each unique piece and hand fashions it, retaining its soul.

Wear the Sun Jewel encouraging luck, good fortune and health. Allow all good things from within to permeate with radiance.

SUCCESS bracelet-
Amber and Sterling Silver 925 Sign Pendant on sliding leather

Each amber piece is unique, amber diameter 0,7-1,0 cm.
Leather: diameter 1,5 or 2,0 mm, 35cm opening *
Sterling Silver 925 pendant: 0,7cm or 3 wind knots logo *
Card with message
Packing: crocheted and added if preferred(let me know)

Leather colors: brown, black, nude. Please guide me to preferred pendant style on your comments.

AMBER options:

1. Protection and health.
2. Success.
3. Happiness.

PENDANT options:

1. GOD – brings wisdom, joy, grace, beauty and truth; and attracts the creative and divine powers.
2. MOON – protects you and attracts all the good in life.
3. SIGN OF LIFE – gives strengths, heals and strengthens unions.
4. THUNDER symbol of happiness, sun energy and fire.
5. PROSPERITY – symbol of perfection, wealth and harmony.
6. STAR will bring light, protect and attract all the good in your life.
7. CROSS – brings peace and prosperity.
8. SUN- symbolizes life, fertility, warmth, movement, truth, wisdom and knowledge.

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