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Updated on Oct 23, 2012
aquamarine specially made dress - bubble gum dress - silver accessories
Aquamarine-specially-made-dress-bubble-gum-dress-silver-accessories Aquamarine-specially-made-dress-bubble-gum-dress-silver-accessories
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RJanine 's Thoughts:

this morning I woke up with a smile because of the most amazing guy..
and I told him this:

“when i was younger, I’ve always struggled to find what love really means.. when we were young we used to just say nonsense things like “love is like a bubblegum”, what does that even mean?… but…
when I found you… I knew exactly what love is.. it’s not like the fairy tales.. it’s not about always just being happy.. every single day. it’s not about that. love, as I’ve come to learn, is something that ties us together, and it’s not with shackles, it’s just with a light ribbon, a light ribbon we can always untie, but we never do, because we want to keep that ribbon tied. and we do anything and everything just to keep that ribbon tied. and through the path to forever, we both know that we’re sure it’s not a perfect road.. there’ll be storms.. but we go through them together, and make the ribbon, as I’ve come to know.. makes you care more for your special someone than yourself.. but, you’re not neglected because your other half feels the same.. and you care for each other as one.
love will sometimes make you feel like you’re gonna go crazy, both in a good way, and in a bad way.. love makes you do crazy things for your other half.. love makes you want to sing.. and say sweet things all the time..
love keeps you alive. it hugs you and tells you everything is going to be all right even at the toughest of times.. and you believe it, because you’re not gives you strength.
love changes you..into a better person. not because your partner tells you to change, but because you want to change yourself for your other half.
love is a lot of things. love makes you stand up for things.
and you stand up for love.
they say love comes and goes… but I don’t believe that. love doesn’t go. at least, “true love” doesn’t go. it keeps growing. even when you’re apart, especially when you’re apart, it keeps growing as you long to be in each other’s arms.
and then, when you’re finally together, love lets you know that it will keep growing.
love, makes you forget a lot of things..except for things about your special someone, because suddenly, there’s nothing and no one more important. and your love occupies your mind and heart completely and keeps filling them up and leaves no vacancy.
love makes you think of the future..your future..together. it makes you want to have a family. makes you want to grow old..because you know you’d grow old together.
love is a lot of things. but… if someone asked me what my definition of love is… I’m certain of my answer. I’d say love is YOU."

Comments (11)

TPRBT on February 16
vai82 on December 20
love your hair!
Shandrese on October 23
so pretty!
Radical1 on October 23
koola_ola on October 23
amazing photo & dress! beautiful!
jehanprouvaire on October 23
stunning picture and dress!! i adore everything you write, it's so beautiful that you are happy with your love!! faved!!
paamek on October 23
nice :)
carouth on October 23
great photos
FairyColors on October 23
you're so flowy and romantic dear!! adorable summery styling!! very beautiful dress and this picture is amazing as well !!! l'm happy to see you again! l missed your posts<3 +1xx
RJanine on October 23
thanks dear! I'm happy to be back! I missed posting and seeing your lovely posts as well! <3
fernandafgm on October 23
Beautiful feminine dress!! Chic voted!!
RJanine on October 23
thanks rhemel! <3
CocoLaVieEnRose on October 23
You look spectacular! following yout
RJanine on October 23
thank you! <3
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