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Updated on Oct 18, 2012
black Forever 21 bracelet - Rebecca Minkoff bag - gold H&M Trend pants
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

How do I love glitter? Let me count the ways… While I’m not going to actually count the ways I think most women (and a few men) LOVE some glittery goodness. No matter how hard I try and think of it as a novelty it somehow draws me in, whispers in my ear and says… “I am a wardrobe staple. We will always be together. Get used to it” I may not be as obsessed as others about the shiny stuff but that doesn’t mean I don’t get pretty darn excited about glitter pants when I see them. Do you have a thing for glitter?

Prior to attending IFBCON & LuckyFabb in New York I made the obligatory shopping trip to see if there was anything I “needed” (Don’t tell me you haven’t done that before). While perusing the racks of H&M I came to a complete halt when I saw these lovelies! Mind you the store was crazy busy, I’d tried on a ton of things, picked out a few and was ready to get the heck outta there. Just then the glitter caught my eye. I knew then I’d get back in line for the dressing room with all my crap so I could take a chance on some sparkle. After emerging from the dressing room the second time I put everything else back and walked out of the store with only these pants. Victory (and glitter pants) was mine!

With the pants being such a statement piece I wanted to keep the rest of the look rather simple. Being short on time I couldn’t find exactly the top I wanted but this tank allows the glitter to take center stage. I LOVE these purple suede pumps and bought them while I was in the city. I might have worn something else if I’d had access to my entire closet but I adore the pop of color they add to the look. The same goes for this great Rebecca Minkoff bag . It’s one of my favorites but I may choose something slightly different next time. Since there was already a big shiny factor to my look I keep the jewelry rather minimal with just some statement earrings and bracelets. What do you think? Were my glitter pants worth a little extra dressing room wait time? FNO worthy? Next time I’m thinking of a silk blouse paired with them but how would you style them for a night out?

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ErinD on November 17
Love this! Very cool!
jehanprouvaire on October 18
amazing leggings and heels!! love the color!!
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