Instantly Improve Your Look: 5 Step Guide for Men

Updated on Jul 02, 2008

Comments (11)

karazygonch on August 25
SOO cool!
irides on July 07
Lol, prolly not--more often than not they'd just laugh at me, shrug it off as a "Her Thing", and then make inside jokes behind my back. Such is my life... xP
irides on July 05
I have the insane urge to show this to every guy friend I have, except I have the feeling that they'd probably laugh (guiltily) and shrug it off. Excellent article.
thesundaybest on July 06
And then find me and beat me up. Such is my life...
the_kitten on July 05
I really like your guide. I am inclined to post it everywhere for every man to read and follow religiously.
enc on July 05
It is indeed the ??famous?? enc of observationmode!
thesundaybest on July 06
nonorientable on July 03
this is one of the funniest everybodyisugly posts i've read. "the world isn't your personal pearl jam moshpit" hahahahaha. and #1 is a great rule to abide by.
thesundaybest on July 04
Your username = also awesome.
enc on July 03
Correct as always, Thomas!
thesundaybest on July 04
Is this the famous enc from observation mode?
a_brightspot on July 03
great tutorial for guys! i should show this to my bf.LOL
shoregirl on July 03
hahaha i so agree with this! i hate when guys wear underarmor to class or around town.
thesundaybest on July 03
Don't get me started on UnderArmor.
ClothesHorse on July 03
I loved these suggestions--they're all so true! The first one is my favorite. The entire article is a very nice mix of wit, honesty and humor.
thesundaybest on July 03
Thank you. High praise indeed coming from you.
mashobra on July 03
he also looks like royal tanenbaum
thesundaybest on July 03
He certainly does. Wes Anderson films are an obvious style influence for me.

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