Carrie, Not Scary: Styling a Tulle or an Organza Skirt The Chic Way

Updated on Oct 16, 2012

Comments (22)

the first look is my must try
the first look is my must try
the first look is my mudt try
Outfitlookbook on November 16
ShopStilettos on November 14
I've been thinking of ways to style my tulle skirt and this gave me inspiration! Thanks :)
kimicub21 on November 12
I've been dying to find ways to wear one, loving the second look :3
anonymours on November 03
LubkaChristova on October 29
I love any type of mini flufy skirts - organza, rara, lace... lovely!
patlaenz on October 26
not easy to wear,but looks great on S.J.P.
deannagia on October 25
Love the tulle skirt
MarciSlagle on October 22
I love my tulle skirt! In the warmer months, I like to wear it with a simple black tank and flats. In the winter, I pair it with a chunky knit charcol sweater, tights, and sexy heels! They are just so fun and girly!
fashionwithsmarts on October 22
I wore a tulle skirt too inspired by Ms. Bradshaw as well, i did a OOTD blog post on it wish I could upload the pic
Nataliaoh on October 22
I styled a black mini tutu from BCBG with a tight black sweater last year! Got a lot of rave reviews. Will be fun pulling her back out for the holiday season. Xoxo
MayaKGoldenberg on October 22
I did this look for Halloween last year and loved it!! Would love to share a pic if there is a way to upload on here?
bella_emme on October 22
love it! i once wore mine with a zombie tee, a cropped blazer, stockings and heels
Texture on October 22
The show trying so hard to get great looks for the main characters, especially 'carrie', were coming to pages like this and great girls blogs. Then with popularity (ungh) it became known as 'her' look? No thanks. Give credit where credit is due. We have our favorites here and on lookbook and such- and if one of their styles were completely copied, we would hope and expect them 2 give credit.
whoopsiedaisies on October 22
great article, you have a very wordy yet pleasant writing style and I love tulle skirts ^.^
fashionvictress on October 22
Difficult, but styled right definitely awesome!
TamQuoia on October 18
I love all of these looks
purplewang on October 17
The tulle skirt reminds me of being a little girl, so I love that the skirt is getting attention as a regular day wear piece. I'd also totally be Carrie Bradshaw for Halloween. :)
fredamans on October 17
Done right they can really be a beautiful fashionable look!
chrissypinto on October 16
I love this idea. I am definitely going to try it.

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