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Updated on Feb 11, 2009
gift scarf - Topshop blazer - Topshop dress - Camden shoes
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_Sionainn 's Thoughts:

Sorry for the bad picture quality – i need to sort my stuff out!
Anyway, you’ll all be glad to know i’ve managed to borrow a working keyboard off my mum so right now i’m in typing heaven, not having to use pens and kirby grips to reach the touchpads – meaning i’m free to ramble on!

This outfit was me experimenting, not actually what i wore today as it was a pretty dull one. The black dress underneath is from Topshop, and is actually my sister’s (i bought it for her as a christmas present this christmas.) So naturally, i asked to borrow it. The fit is a bit odd, not great around the middle and its a bit too baggy, but with the fail-safe blazer thrown over the top i like it. The scarf is one i’ve had for ages and it has a great story behind it:

A couple of years ago in my naive youth me and a big group of my friends were out in Leicester Square in wintertime, drinking (of course) and generally being disrupting hoodlums. Then, a lovely drunk boy came swaggering over offering this very scarf, which apparently he’d nicked from a stall. Of course, i nabbed it up, but mostly because i was freezing (i mean i already had a scarf on at the time) and not because i knew it would be a wardrobe staple in my future years. But oh, how glad i am that the innocent tween me decided to snatch it up.

One final note – i can’t stop thinking about boots. I’m looking at them, dreaming about them, non-stop they are on my mind. Its almost like when you cut out a big food group like protein and then you start craving red meat like a lion. Well, yes its kind of like that. Hopefully the job i applied for today (sales assistant at All Saints, nothing serious or life-changing) will mean a pair of gorgeous black biker boots will soon be my reality.

Comments (7)

Tansea on February 08
I love this!
sandybags on March 01
I forgive you about the quality but I do want a better look at that scarf! love it! :)
serena11 on February 16
hahaha love the scarf and its story :)
token on February 12
heels! btw you rang today?
Haylilly on February 12
great scarf! :)
lissakahayon on February 11
I love your pose and that scarf!!!!
ColorScavenger on February 11
cute cute cute!
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