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Updated on Oct 09, 2012
gray jumpsuit American Apparel jumper - nude Reiss bag
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

Deciding what to wear to an event or party almost always ends up going two ways for me. Either I find myself starring at my closet with my mouth open in a trance or walking directly in, choosing items immediately and feeling as excited as this guy. I’ve already mentioned before that I’m a bit of a procrastinator but there’s a reason for that. I find that a lot of the things I accomplish or decide on last minute end up being some of my best. Am I crazy? Possibly, but am I the only one? Are you a last minute guy or gal?

Case in point is what I wore to Lucky Fabb Day 2. I had a hoe hum idea of my outfit when I ran across this jumpsuit. After getting my bangs trimmed I was in a heated race to beat the meter maid back to my car (I actually had time left, just not much). I passed by American Apparel to “see a man about a” t-shirt when I saw this jumpsuit. I’ve been on the jumpsuit hunt for sometime and it’s quite the illusive fashion beast. Have you noticed that too? They end up either being too expensive or not fitting well. What are your thoughts on jumpsuits? Love ‘em or leave ‘em? Just like menswear this look is also housed in the revolving fashion door but I’m just fine with that.

In the photo’s this looks blue but in reality it’s more of a grey/black denim color. It’s also available in a blue chambray version that you can see here but I went with the slightly darker choice for versatility. I knew after scrambling through the NYC streets in heels my tootsies would be begging for a break. Sandals were on my mind and planning an outfit around those were my focus. I love that it has pockets and the price point is pretty good. I will say that if you have a larger chest this may not be the best choice. You may have noticed but I don’t have that issue. However, being rather concave, which I am, is no day at the park either. Although I did need to try on a top & bottom while shopping I found this comfortable for the Day 2 Lucky Fabb shopping shenanigans. Did my on the fly purchase make the cut? How would you style it for a dressier occasion?

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elekesnm on October 16
charmushka on October 10
Fun jump-suit!
EmMk4y on October 10
love this
LubkaChristova on October 10
really nice! stunning
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