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Updated on Feb 09, 2009
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If my mother sees me in this (very very) short skirt, she would kill me… So each time I wear it, I go out without saying her bye ^^

I dont know if you have heard about strikes of this times in France, but it is mess.
The governemment has made a reforme about the status of the teachers-researchers. According to them ( I try to be impartial and not give my opinion in order to describe the situation correctly), this reform is harmful for the education in french college.

You know, in France, colleges are almost free. What you pay is nothing if we compare with private schools. It isnt like in the USA. I explain. For instance, I m at La Sorbonne in economics. When I tell to foreign people that “I m at La Sorbonne”, they think that it is such a great thing. However, in France, the majority of the best student dont go to college like La Sorbonne, they choose to do a “prepa” (diminutive of preparatoire).

What is “prepa” ?
Prepa is two years of intense work, during which you only work, you dont go out, you loose your friends, you become an alcoholic depressive, you gain weight because you dont have time to practise sport (killing, every things are exaggerated I can reassure you). But it is two years after which you pass an exam in order to enter in a GREAT school (business, engineers, future politicians…). I did one year of “prepa” but I failed and I had to change my course. This year of “prepa” was fantastic despite the lack of sleep, the stress, the spirit of competition and hard work. It was a full year of development during which I learned more than I thought I could do, I grown up a lot and learned my limits. Because the french government invests a lot for its lovely students of “prepa”. It is not for nothing that they become the elite of the nation: education they receive is perfect.

And since september 2008, I am at La Sorbonne: what a change it was!!!
40 hours per week in “prepa” (not including the personal work at home) and about 22 hours at college…
Is there really such a huge gap between college education and “prepa” education? Yes there is, but not so huge. Actually, there are so many differences.
First, if you want to go to La Sorbonne, it isnt like Yale or Oxford. Almost everybody can come at La Sorbonne. If you want to do a “prepa” school, it is like Yale or Oxford: so selective. Of course, the best “prepa” school are located at Paris.
I not saying that you will not have a good job if you dont do a “prepa” school and after a big school. But it is more difficult , that’s all. The way of prepa simply make you be sure that you will suceed, not like the college.

I know I will suceed because the year of “prepa” gave me good working methods, an ability to understand things quickly and especially the desire of suceed. But for all those who were in high school last year and who are at “La Sorbonne” because they didnt know what they want to do, they will be among the 60% of pupils who fail the first year….. 60% can you imagine??!! So much

So you may ask why I speak about “prepa” and “La Sorbonne” whereas I begun the article talking about the strikes……

What is this reform about?
The modification of the decree of 1984 about the status of the teachers-researchers realizes the transfer of the career management of staff to colleges, which derives from the law of colleges’ autonomy. The reform give to the colleges the opportunity to “adjust” the teachers-researchers (distribution between teaching, research and administrative). It provides an evaluation, covering all their activities (of the teachers-researchers) every four years by the National Council of Universities (CNU, composed entirely of their peers). The question is to know if the CNU opinion will be followed by the university president. The decisions of the university presidents have to be motivated and public and the teacher-researcher can request a review, says the ministry. The teachers-researchers fear the arbitrariness of Presidents, an increase in teaching hours and an attack on their independence. In its version of the decree passed by the Council of State, Valérie Pécresse (minister of higher Education and Research) made two changes: a good teacher evaluated can not be imposed more hours during the reference service, and, more power was given at CNU in promotions. Changes that have not satisfied opponents.

There is also a reform about teacher education: from 2010 all primary and secondary level will be recruited to “master 2” (5 years of study after high school). And training is given to universities. In this context, the year of classroom training currently conducted in the 2nd year of IUFM (Teacher Training) will be deleted. According to students and teachers unions, internships observation during master 1 or 2 or the one (of 3 months) of responsibility for master 2 proposed instead will not replace the professional years. In addition, for them, the reform aims to save in 2010 thousands of teaching posts which are paid today.

And that why my teachers have decided to dont work at this time. I totally understand them because they think that the quality of education in colleges and their careers are seriously attacked (I m not saying that I agree, impartial I am)

But no class = no lesson = bad mark at the exam in may, and it is not what we need!!!

Give me back my school.

P.S: DO you like my tights ???

P.S: Sorry for all the mistaks in the article^^ I m not fluent in english I know

Comments (38)

crazyirishlass16 on October 08
love love love this outfit! everything is amazing!
oliviooso on May 08
Love ur tights :D
yellowhouses on March 05
so so chic.
summerkay on February 26
Love it
summerkay on February 26
Love it
styleseeking_nesli on February 25
wow your legs!!! :))
nathanielt148 on February 24
I love the lace tights!
Jasna on February 15
Love the tights!!
yousayimadreamer on February 13
i love your tights:] and dont worry about your english be proud to be billingual lady! thanks for sharing! this was super cool i love france and hope to go there before i die many times haha have a great day au revoir
lizliles on February 13
you pull those tights off reallyw ell!
20_excuses on February 13
great outfit love the tights
shoppher on February 13
That's really short but hot--lovely tights. Def needs the scarf with the outfit.
Sheiqs on February 13
that's nice ;)
princessMLim on February 12
very interesting post. nice to know more bout franceee! :) kick ass tights btw.
soup223 on February 11
Love your tights and your post, very informative!
Fotz on February 11
so cute!!!
ImiLoa on February 11
this is cute cute cutee
eastcoast on February 11
your tights are fantastic. i love this.
straightcircles on February 11
simple, yet chic. love it:)
nixbix on February 11
love the outfit
sandynguyen8 on February 10
cute outfit!
artemis on February 10
i am sooo in love with black lace tights right now. just bought a pair. thanks for the inspiration!
dailyimpromptu on February 11
chictopia members are my inspiration^^ thanks
hobo2bobo on February 10
amazing tights. killer outfit as a whole too!
FashionReady on February 10
i love this outfit!! great tights!!
lolorenee on February 10
Love the outfit and it was really interesting to read your post. I never knew La Sorbonne wasn't as prestigious as us Americans make it out to be. Très jolie!!!
dailyimpromptu on February 11
Thanks Lorene (it is your name, isnt it?) Actually, La Sorbonne is a great school. However, you are not proud to say that you are at La Sorbonne when you are only doing you first year cause it is very hard to stay at La Sorbonne whereas the entry is easy.
daisygirl89 on February 10
that's interesting about the education. and YES, i do like your tights! haha
dailyimpromptu on February 11
Thank you daisygirl =)
Martine_ on February 10
adorable tights and nice sweater looks really nice together
Clementine on February 10
J'adore ta tenue !! je pourrais dire pareil pour chacun des vêtements que tu portes ici mais je pense que tu a compris xD
dailyimpromptu on February 11
Merci chère compatriote^^
Pink_Champagne on February 10
luv the tights!
mcmaris on February 10
Your outfit is great!!! I love the tights. I'm so sorry to hear about your school. Being in America I realize how different the schooling systems actually are. Good luck with the school and I hope the reform gets resolved soon!
dailyimpromptu on February 11
Thank you girl !! Yes I need luck, my school is still closed, and it will be until next week I think...
farsprinsesse on February 10
I looove your tights!!
presidentp3 on February 09
loveeeeee ur tights! x
barcelo on February 09
Great look!
strawberry_mango on February 09
Wow..those tights are beautiful...I love them...nice shoes as well.
jacoqo on February 09
For the second time on your blog: I just love it! You're also a smart and keen girl, and it outcrops from your style. Just wow ;)
tincoco on February 09
love those tights
KristaniA on February 09
those tights are gorgeous BEYOND belief! i'm gonna steal them from you! beware! :D
dailyimpromptu on February 09
Unfortunately, I pierced my tighs, do you still want to take them ?? =)
Leandra on February 09
Lovely tights!
dailyimpromptu on February 09
Thank you^^
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