whatever the weather

Updated on Feb 27, 2009

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jeroy on June 07
alav this. :P
uhnjoe on April 07
cute . ♥ it !
lolorenee on March 04
I can honestly say I didn't know that about vintage tweeds and animal urines (although I don't know many people who do) and you, sir, are a savior since I am about to go through a bunch of vintage clothes. I also didn't know that about wool....I think I need a textiles course.
geekbonchic on March 08
Cheers to not smelling like pee!
Gboy on March 03
antO_ on February 28
another great jacket
salmonthat on February 28
This is an informative post but I must disagree on one thing, the wet t-shirt contest look is always appreciated. Everybody wins in a wet t-shirt contest!
geekbonchic on February 28
I am a just modest dude with modest sensibilities.

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