Updated on Feb 06, 2009
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K_Milsz 's Thoughts:

Hehe. So my best friend and I decided to skip school and take some photos out on the Brookyln Bridge. So we did a ton of walking, as was expected of her.
I damn near broke my foot several times.
My outfit was comfortable, but not really made for walking, in my cowboy boots.
And let me tell you, those suckers can became a pain in the ass after a coupla hours.

So, I was going for a gypsy thing. I felt totally gypsy, walking down the street and people kept staring. Btw, it was about 60-something degrees, and this was all I wore. No jacket, nothing.

The skirt is very old. It’s a leopard print. Not sure if you can see it. I tailored it myself, to turn it into a dress. So, I wear it as a dress, and as a skirt, unfortunately I must tailor again, because the “sleeves” for my dress, coincide with the pockets, for the skirt. Lol, so alot of fixing is needed, but I think I’ll just use safety pins.

Okay, so I also had these really awesome necklaces and bracelets on. I might have to upload a few more photos, so you can see them. They were pretty standard and cheap gold. But I am still wondering over the "gold’ part. They haven’t changed colors on me, but I will feel cheated. Well, no I won’t. The poor things were bought in Europe and I got them for $10, the set I mean.

Back to the outfit. I had that cinch belt again from Rainbow on. The cardigan/sweater was like a maternity thing, and I wasn’t exactly trying to hide a pregnancy, so a cinch belt it was.

There’s really not much to this outfit. Just a regualar Hindu tee, I got from a really nice Indian store I go to. Can’t recall the name, but it’s located in Dwntwn Brklyn. And the cardigan is from Naomi (thrift), the skirt is so old, and I took it from my mother and made it my own. Then there’s the cowboy boots from Madden, and the bracelet/necklace set.

Gosh, I wrote a story. Hahaha.

Comments (3)

matthewcallaway on February 08
love the skirt :}
emmaboo on February 07
great outfit! love your boots! :)
K_Milsz on February 08
gosh, they look so great. but they hurt like hell after a while. =/ tht doesn't stop me from loving them though!
1234565 on February 07
i love the vintage feel!
K_Milsz on February 08
ack, thank you! =]
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