chictopia <3s NYFW!

Updated on Feb 05, 2009

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bryn1124 on February 13
I will for sure be rockin out tonight! Count bryn and joey in :)
MaleUgly on February 12
count me in! see you guys then.
Starrgirl on February 07
If all goes well I should be there!
kimair on February 07
i would have loved to come, but won't get into town until the 14th :-(
FollowMeHomeLove on February 07
Ahhhh i'll try and make it! Hey maybe you can make it 17+?? =]]
joanna on February 06
HYPERVENTILATING here! i'm so disappointed that i'm from nyc and can't make it because i go to school 5 hrs away. i was highly considering going home for the weekend, but because of my incredibly awesome luck, i have an exam and 2 projects the following week.
mcmaris on February 06
I'll be there! =)
gabiatch on February 05
god how i wish i'm going to be in NY that time
parapluie on February 05
pssshhhhh of course y'all are gonna have a party when i'm out of town.
NASTYGAL on February 05
so excited!!!!
monaby on February 05
They are the 66sick girls, not 66six :)
taylorlbee on February 05
Awesome I can't wait to see what you have to share with us!
piggy on February 05
lol i loveyour poster! i hope you guys have the best : ) i wish i was in NY T_T
laughingatthemasses on February 05
I will be there! I was planning on going home that weekend anyway!
classytrash on February 05
lol, your photosh0p skilsz are so bomb. WISH i could be there. i'll just drop out of school or something. =(
victoriakay203 on February 05
i'll be there chic ones
Sushisaurus on February 05
18+ makes me sad
ferociacoutura on February 05
18+ :(

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