Should You Dress Your Age? The Learning Lessons of a Fashionista in Her Late 20s

Updated on Aug 22, 2012

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blueyellowpink on September 19
" At the end of the day, only you can decide who you are. Don’t let anyone else – or the number that is your age – decide that for you." Really liked this article and loved the last line :)
whoopsiedaisies on September 17
I have been told I have a 'babyface' , but looking younger than I am doesn't stop me from feeling conscious about looking ridiculous in some fashions. I think dressing according to your age should be looked upon as an art, and not be disdained or ridiculed as a trivial subject. For we all have felt the acute pain and embarrassment of looking upon older people desperately trying to appear younger
F4SHI0N on September 09
amazing! i feel like i look too young b/c of the way i dress but whatevs
Angie_M on September 06
dress in a way that would make others find you respectable, but you can never go wrong with your own touch of personality... that works with all ages.
bella_emme on September 05
is it terrible that i already feel like this and i am only 22? i feel like i'm having a quarter life crisis, especially since im looking for a real job now and i don't know how to dress professionally and conservatively. i'm finding it difficult making this transition, but you're right, i should be able to dress however i want. hopefully i start feeling comfortable again.
robin77 on September 05
Well, I certainly don't act my age, nor do I look my age, so why dress that way? Very well written piece on a difficult choice to make for sure!
say_kimchi on September 05
No way. 27 is definitely still mid-20s.
ginaclarkstyle on September 05
I don't remember what I was thinking at that age but I can see that a lot of you in your late 20's are feeling the same way. Honestly, when I saw this article I thought it sounded silly. I dress how I want to dress regardless of lengths and styles. Yes, I do edit myself because I want to make sure I'm being true to myself. I feel freer the older I get-I hope all of you will too!
Omwoods on September 05
Ahh this has been on my mind too as I just turned 28 and one morning held my big light blue tutu in front of me and went, "Should I still be wearing this?" Then I realized that in the past year was when I just started really wearing tutus to work and on a normal day, so my worry was not necessary. After that one moment I embraced the fact that I'm an adult now, and I can do anything I want! :D
polarka_cz on September 05
Thank you so much for this article! The issue is what I have to think of quite often, but I agree with you.
AnnaVenturi on September 05
Looking good or looking bad, this is the point. Also, your age is not written on your face. Some day you wake up and you look 20 years older!
deealulu08 on September 03
dracheskind on September 03
I started to think about dressing my age when I turned 35. Two years later, I say "Who cares?" If I am happy and feel confident, I don't care what others think. I will admit that lately, I have been preferring hemlines that hit the knee or right below the knee, but that is more so I can wear more of my wardrobe to work. I agree with zee_w that we should dress appropriately for our body type.
Radical1 on September 01
Lol, so many questions and rules in fashion. Just do your thang.
emmabee96 on September 01
awe :0
zee_w on August 27
Yes! We should dress our age and body type, our mood and style. I am in my 40s but know I don't dress my "age" but I do dress my body type and style and know certain trends are not appropriate for me. They are not appropriate for some 20 year olds. But if you have the confidence to pull it off, it just might look appropriate. Otherwise it's a hot mess.
Anmariish on August 24
ones outfit shouts ones confidence. if you dont have it, you wont look great in any clothes you wear.
Anmariish on August 24 gals are in your 20's? and youre saying that youre too old to dress young? look at me! Your age should not dictate how you dress up. Im 35, way older than you but if you check my pix, I look like in my early 20's. In my advantage, I can dress up like a teenager, or an adult woman, whatever the occasion calls for. Im not intimidated by any style of dressing.
2chain on August 24
The thoughts of age appropriate clothing have started to trickle into my mind as well. I'm turning 25 in a couple months & the same reoccurring thoughts have been popping up. Although, I do feel that I am transitioning well into the style that I want to embody. The major point that really stuck to me is "only you can decide who you are" and I believe that's that to be completely true. Thank you.
TheLovelyMissQuinn on August 23
"Don't you think that's a little young?" I don't know. Exactly how old do you think I am?" *studder, cough choke" "And not that it's any of your business, but I am 5-f***ing-2 and I will rock this dress!" --Samantha Jones "Sex and the City 2" That was the moment I stop being concerned with age almost altogether. I'll be 26 in November and still feel like I'm 17. ^_^
Anmariish on August 24
i love your attitude! im 35 but i dont think and dress like im one, lol!
imafever on August 24
Brilliant! Thanks for that! I'll try to remember that as well :)
missyrep67 on August 23
I'm 45 yrs old and I must say my fashion statement is not too backward nor too daring, as long as you have the confidence to wear what you want, that won't be a problem.
mbui on August 23
this article is everything i'm thinking about right now
alaLadywolf on August 23
Being the same age as you, I can totally relate to that feeling. Great article! And I look forward to meeting you in NYC. :)
imafever on August 24
I was so worried I would be way older than all the editors! Glad to know that won't be the case :) Looking forward to meeting you!
corimac on August 23
Very well said, indeed sometimes even how fashion passionate you are there is always a point where you need to reconsider some factor e.g age etc.. Nevertheless at the end of the day it is just you who may decide whether you want to be known as eclectic, a futuristic, a laid back dresser and so forth. What matter is you look and feel good on every piece you wear, even how outrageous it may look.
DorisRussell on August 23
This is ridiculous to me. Why would someone in their 20's think like this. i always say age approriate?. No. Wear what looks good on you. A middle=aged person maybe shouldbe thinking like this. However some things that are age appropriate to me just don't lookgood on me. I sort of go by yes ,sometimes my age, personality, and most of all my life-style.
charmainemelissa on August 23
Thanks for such a great article. I just turned 29 and have found the impending and inevitable turning to 30 as scary as being caught underdressed at a party. I personally dress what suits my personal style and body. And always give myself to colour and fashion in every outfit. But i do think theres a point when you have to grow up and dress accordingly.
lovestheday on August 22
really nice article ^^
zencalling on August 22
Awesome post!
HallieDaily on August 22
I love this article and I love purplewang's comment ---- "It's *personal* style-- it's not about fitting in to a group but being yourself."
Reybeltane on August 22
this is a great article. I also feel like as a 20-something, some of us are forced to STAY young or GROW too fast depending on how lucky we are out of college. It's tragic to see girls in their 20s going to office jobs still wearing flip flops and messy buns. Grow up! If I had one of those jobs I would be the mature kind of 23. But I work in a restaurant. And 'young and bubbly' makes tips.
irisanddaniel on August 22
Agreed with your last statement! Dressing up is such a personal thing and even if we aren't that age yet, it's valid for everyone. Even when our peers dress for more formal occasions they end up looking like carbon copies of what their aunts/parents look like and that youthful perspective is gone. It's about having a young-at-heart playful approach to style, instead of trying to "look your age."
PinkCheetahVintage on August 22
alluring on August 22
love this! i'm not at the "is this too young" point yet, but this post was still very enlightening.
purplewang on August 22
Really like this post! I was just thinking about how in 5 years my clothes might receive negative glances on the street (most do but because, like many others, I'm young so IDGAF). I hope that you don't limit your style because of societal pressures to "dress your age". It's *personal* style-- it's not about fitting in to a group but being yourself.

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