autumn shoes in the summer?

Updated on Jun 30, 2008

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MarlaSinger on December 04
wow the shoes <333
babykiki on October 24
dress fits you so well !
taperjean on September 07
love the shoes!
silky on September 04
the shoes are great. love your style!
MissTrendy on July 25
The shoes gives an Aristocrate/vintage aspect ++
jacquieshambles on July 14
thanks for the tips keep em comin!
Paula on July 08
cool dress and belt combo;-)
kristina on July 02
I ended up buying these shoes today. I had to see a client 2 blocks from there so I stopped by the Nordstrom right afterwards. There was only one pair left, and it's a size or so too big for me, so I will have to do the thick insole thing that you have to do. Can't complain too much considering they were marked down like $300.
WorldUgly on July 05
yay glad you found them. imagine how cheap they are for me with the weak dollar. result!
CherryPixie on July 02
Amaaaaazing dress and those shoes are beyond awesome. Really nice combination.
MaleUgly on July 02
Ankle socks are so in for fall, a la Rachel Comey.
Faithieee on July 02
I love your dress and your shoes! And your posts are so interesting and useful!
WorldUgly on July 05
that's great, glad to be of service!
SienaPenlope on July 02
holy heck! those shoes are incredible!
merillein on July 02
Perfect. (nothing more to say)
Amandas_Armoire on July 01
Those shoes are amazing. Your so right about ankle socks, no one really thinks about pairing socks with shoes in the summer, last time I tried it all my friends laughed at me. haha but they don't know what their talking about but you look great as always!
WorldUgly on July 05
yeah i've noticed that some people do find it slightly strange!
lustredesoleil on July 01
those shoes! that dress! tres chic!
KellyL on July 01
great outfit, my legs are too short for ankle socks.
WorldUgly on July 05
i was going to say that i'm not sure how this looks on shorter legs. i'd imagine it'd be fine though.
flutterby on July 01
Haha alas, yes, short legs = no ankle socks. I cant pull it off. I'm only a 5'2 ?
LaArtificiaLDoLL on July 01
i heart those shoes
Fruchtzwerg on July 01
Lovely dress!
wrappedinpink on July 01
Those shoes are GORGEOUS! Oh, I'm jealous. :) And that's very true about the socks breaking the look up...I really never thought of it that way :)
WorldUgly on July 01
yep it really does work. try it.
lulu on July 01
I just bought more socks today!! There goes my consistency (lack of) of words again. The shoes are great. I am actually most excited you stepped foot into a Target. Cheers
WorldUgly on July 01
yep and i look a photo of myself next to the sign as well just for you. i may even have done a thumbs up... i can't remember.
elouise_style on June 30
i love evrything ur wearing <3
WorldUgly on July 01
cheers :)
lydia on June 30
i really like that dress :D
WorldUgly on July 01
oh thanks. i don't wear it too often as i think i'm a little tall for it. it's so short on me! the ruffles are nice though.
fashionispoison on June 30
awesome post. hmm you know i never really liked those mj shoes but seeing them on you changed my mind ;)
fashionispoison on June 30
nordstrom sales are THE best. i think the $199.99 designer shoe sale is coming up!
WorldUgly on June 30
ooh i've always loved them. i wouldn't have gone for the navy and brown by choice, but then cheap nordstrom sale shoppers can't be choosers.
kokonzai2 on June 30
those shoes are GOLD! good job woman. also love the outfit with the ankle socks
WorldUgly on June 30
thanks. i'm pretty excited about them myself. the heels are also about twice as tall as they look in the photos. a GOOD thing.
GirlAboutTown on June 30
your so adorable! you are my style muse! i love your shoes and dress!
WorldUgly on June 30
you are too kind!
expensive_sadness on June 30
Great post!!
WorldUgly on June 30
cheers. i could talk write about sock all day.
kristina on June 30
Please tell me you got these Marc by MJ oxfords while you were in Chicago. And if so, which Nordstrom was it?!
WorldUgly on June 30
yes, they were a chicago buy. i have no idea of the exact store location but it was quite near the chicago theatre (the one with the orange sign). limited sizes though. i had to get a 8.5 US and use a thick insole. let me know if you have any luck.
sarahnade on June 30
Those are some gorgeous shoes! Great advice :D
WorldUgly on June 30
thanks. let me know if you try anything similar
shoregirl on June 30
fabulous as usual!
WorldUgly on June 30
thanks so much!

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