Dancing In The Streets

Updated on Jul 23, 2012
French Connection dress - Dolce Vita boots - deux lux bag - H&M vest
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mymannersandmoxie 's Thoughts:

Did you have an amazing weekend? I certainly hope so. I enjoyed a few days of fun/relaxation and recovery. Last week was a tough one for me but I finally got to catch up with my mom on Friday. It’s amazing how a conversation with her is like wrapping myself in a warm blanket covered in love and rainbows…. cheesy, yes but also awesome! Thanks Mom!!! I’ll be sure to recap the last few days (along with some outfit posts) but first I wanted to share the previous weekend when Mr. T and I went to the Fillmore Jazz Festival. I mentioned before I that I’m a music lover and jazz is no exception. In college I worked at a jazz club for a number of years and at some point I’m itching to get back to New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which I highly recommend if you’ve never been.

What do you think of street fair’s and festivals? Do you love them or do they drive you crazy? Mr.T gets a little antsy but I’m generally quite fond of them. I needed some comfy shoes for walking around and I shied away from sandals since toes tend to get smashed and food items tend to get mushed. Trust me when I say that corn on the cob, hot dogs and ketchup do not feel good between the toes. While it’s “Summer” in San Francisco I knew I would need to dress for the weather. It was a beautiful day so I debated for a while about wearing the tights but knowing myself I figured I’d be happier in the end if I did. By the time the festival was over the wind started to whip up and it became ridiculously cold…. My hands were actually the color of my vest by the time I got home. I wore this long sleeve dress but it’s actually pretty thin. I added the vest for a little more coverage and because denim vest’s are cool… obviously haha. Then there’s the bag… Don’t you love it? It’s has a slightly rocker feel but I paired it with these earrings that strike me as a little more boho. I pilled on some more jewelry, threw my hair in a ponytail and prepaired myself for a good time!

How do you like to dress for street festivals? What do you think of what I ended up wearing? Do you have a favorite piece or one that you’d absolutely not wear? I got a little distracted my the yummy food, people watching and amazing music so I didn’t get very many pictures. I also took a little video but I should know better by now it always turns out crappy because I won’t stay still…. bounce, step, sway, touch, it’s hard to keep me from dancing. I would have shared it but I didn’t want to make you motion sick while I was dancing in the streets

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Polly_Nirvana on July 24
Gorgeous look!
jehanprouvaire on July 24
amazing vest and boots!! love your bag!!
gstyle on July 24
brill look, nicely accessorised+1
Georgia_Lloyd on July 24
I love your classy outfit dear! Great dress and your denim waistcoat is a lovely finishing touch! Love your handbag too +1 :D xx
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