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Updated on Jul 08, 2012
white vintage blouse - black Ebay shoes - blue thrifted shorts
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Sarah_Colee 's Thoughts:

Lately I’ve been developing an addiction to Ebay, and so recently I’ve been buying and accumulating clothes for summer, which have gradually formed an increasingly large pile in the middle of my bedroom floor. I put this outfit together subconsciously, without realising that my shorts, blouse, creepers and bindi were all purchased from Ebay. By now I think I’ve compiled enough garments to last me several years; however in terms of money it’s a completely different story. I keep promising myself that I’ll go on a spending ban, but unfortunately I don’t seem to possess the willpower to be able to do so. I’m currently on the hunt for a summer job, which is proving to be very difficult, seeing as most places either aren’t hiring, or I’m considered too young to be hired. Sigh, the pains of being an underage shopaholic.

This vintage blouse is one of my most recent purchases and I absolutely adore it. The chiffon fabric is so dreamy and lightweight, making it ideal for summer. I particularly love the unique embroidered detailing (especially on the collar) and the pop of colour that it adds- I feel as if I’m wearing an authentic one of a kind piece! I’ve also been developing an affinity for bindis as of more recently. I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures, beliefs and traditions, and I love the aesthetics behind them. I’m not a religious person (in fact, I’m usually rather skeptical about most things); however I find it interesting that the bindi represents energy and concentration, and is said to protect against demons and bad luck in some cultures. Considering I seem to have been blessed with masses of bad luck, they may come in handy for me!

Speaking of summer, I break up from school on Wednesday; which is so close, but yet it seems so far away. The final days of the school year always seem to pass by unhurriedly at a snail’s pace- I’m longing for a break and some sunshine! Last week I spent two days in London with friends from school, which didn’t help my shopaholic tenancies. Regardless, I had a brilliant time, and it was great to observe and experience the enthusiasm in the atmosphere as a result of the jubilee and upcoming Olympics. In less than a week I’ll be travelling to Venice for a week long cruise around the Mediterranean- I can’t contain my excitement! I’ll ensure that I update you on all my travels and adventures!

Hugs and kisses, Sarah xo

Comments (7)

deey on August 05
BiancaF on July 09
fancypants on July 09
Love this blouse
jehanprouvaire on July 08
your hair is so beautiful!! amazing shoes and print on your blouse!!
butterflies28 on July 08
Cute shrt x
tallandtiny on July 08
great style!
NowhereGirl on July 08
What a lovely blouse, it's really stunning! Chic outfit as well!
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