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Updated on Jul 06, 2012
white H&M shirt - dark khaki parker Primark jacket
Dark-khaki-parker-primark-jacket-white-h-m-shirt White-h-m-shirt-dark-khaki-parker-primark-jacket White-h-m-shirt-dark-khaki-parker-primark-jacket White-h-m-shirt-dark-khaki-parker-primark-jacket White-h-m-shirt-dark-khaki-parker-primark-jacket
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Extraordinary_People 's Thoughts:

I love this look… I took a look at some of the trends this summer and I saw that the sporty trend was one of them! As soon as I saw it, I jumped inside and began my quest to find the perfect joggers that could be worn with heels. I went around the world, around the wooooorld (daft punk voice) and could not find a single pair that looked fashionable as opposed to tacky. I then came across these in Topshop and i thought about it, thought about it, tried them on over and over again, left, went back and put them on hold, then I finally bought them. Unfortunately, weeks later, they ended up in the sale _ but not to worry, I would have never found them if I waited for the sale because when I went to go and look for a pair, they were all gone (I know, why would I even torture myself by going to see if any of the size 8s were still in stock). I love them, they’re so comfy, they still have the wonderful feeling of fresh joggers, they’re so soft inside and so warm. They’re not ideal for a real summer, but they seem to be doing well in this British summer lol.

I thought I would have some fun with this outfit and add a shirt to make it more classy and add the parker so I had some sort of pop, colour and length. I think the grey and the white need colour so I will always add a red, khaki or, black to make this kind of outfit stand out. I also had a lot of fun with the pictures to show you just how sporty you can be in your sporty-chic attire. I had loads of fun taking these pictures and my BF had the time of his life laughing at me.

I will post the other outfits I composed and explain how I recreated the sporty-chic trend by piecing older items of clothing with newer pieces…

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Jen_A on August 22
Loooove it! +1
Keiki on July 06
nice look
hautepinkpretty on July 06
love the coat! +1
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