Q&A with Lindarrr

Updated on Jun 27, 2008

Comments (12)

citysleek on November 06
Great outfit!
bjkdAnc3r on March 15
love your skirt & accessories!
1234565 on December 27
great everything
brigitteee_xo on December 16
awesome outfit! one question: do you wear a bra with that american apparel dress on? i just purchased one and feel awkward without a bra on yet the back is too low to wear a bra! thankss
jacinta on October 12
i love your watch and have been looking for one similar for a while now. what label is it?
lydia on June 29
lol Linda, I think you're right. Sorry I'm all racist like that (jk, jk!) =P
lindarrr on July 01
hahaha, its cooo.
thenakedculture on June 28
I think this post showed us alot more bout you then just your amazing style. Kinda love it. Do you study in SF or have been staying there since you were a kid?
lindarrr on July 01
aww thanks! No, I actually don't live in sf at the moment. I commute at least once a week since i'm interning at chictopia though!
catpower on June 28
you have amazing style. http://knighttcat.blogspot.com/
Snowshoe on June 28
i love the piles of bangles. but i especially love love the gold watch. despite loving the look of bangles their jangly knock into stuffness renders me unable to wear them... i'm glad other people aren't scared of them!
lindarrr on June 28
thanks yeah they're noisy, haha.
sugarxnspice on June 28
Thanks for showing closeup of your jewellery! &i love black on black outfits!
lindarrr on June 28
no prob and thanks!! i loooove black
fashionispoison on June 28
this was fun reading! thanks for answering all the Qs. ahh i love that you're a dancer <3
fashionispoison on June 29
no but i was on cheer all my life. 'til i got too old and graduated :[
lindarrr on June 28
are you a dancer too?
cins on June 27
what kind of dance did you do?
lindarrr on June 28
modern/contemporary and chinese classical.

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