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Updated on Jun 04, 2012
teal f21 tights - silver gilligan shirt - aquamarine Target bag
Silver-gilligan-shirt-teal-f21-tights-aquamarine-target-bag Teal-f21-tights-silver-gilligan-shirt-aquamarine-target-bag
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hannahippo 's Thoughts:

Today’s outfit was really plain, yet busy at the same time. Lately I’ve been into mixing different textures and prints and this outfit is a prime example of that! I felt really proud because today a random 7th grade girl at school complimented me saying:

“I like your outfit!”


“You somehow managed to make all that work.”

‘All that’ referring to how almost every article of clothing I was wearing had some type of cool print or texture. My jersey shirt a metallic, glittery sheen. My high-waisted shorts a stippled, polka dot effect. My backpack a floral print. My shoes an aztec/tribal print. And even my tights had a slight diamond cut-out detail.

I personally really hate lace-y or anything resembling fishnet tights—especially black ones. Too Taylor Momsen-esque for me. It’s just way too provocative and looks harsh on the legs. I like these tights a) because they’re teal (which is my favorite color) and b) because they have a very subtle cut-out detailing that is just kind of peeking out. The pattern isn’t BAMallinyourfacelookatmemylegsaresexy or anything like that. Instead it gives the outfit a rather cute and playful look.

Haha now you might be wondering, why are you holding Grover? Well if you look at my Facebook profile pictures album, you’ll see that I have three other pictures featuring some Sesame Street character. I never really liked the show, but I adore the puppets. Grover is the last of my collection and since his shade of blue matched my outfit, I decided to throw him into the picture just for kicks.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. :)

Comments (4)

somolicek on June 05
Gorgeous look!
_SERENITY_ on June 04
adorable shorts and layering dear! gorgeous colors combination and l have some similar tights too! you're soo pretty as always :D +1xx
christinaaa on June 04
amazing tights!
jenuang on June 04
cute shorts!
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