Thrift Essentials: Black and White Stripes

Updated on May 08, 2012

Comments (7)

jd93 on August 10
I love the pairing of the stripes with floral! Normally I'd stay away but I really like!
Riya131 on May 11
Totally agree
MyAlexasStore on May 10
Black and white will always be a favorite of mine.
malloman on May 09
my favorite are black and white striped pants...
F4SHI0N on May 09
omg that collared striped top is AMAZING!i've always loved black and white stripes, and i think they are popping up everywhere now! I really want vertical black and white striped leggings!
wstokes on May 09
love the shorts!
pourprepapillon on May 08
Got it! Def note down this for my next thrift adventure!! <3

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