Negativity in the Fashion Blogosphere: Let's Talk about GOMI

Updated on May 07, 2012

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ashleyimhof on June 08
interesting ariticle. Though I have wondered at time why lil mis jane aldridge is so blessed to own so many beautiful shoes, and I see so many times the hate comments (tho she has disabled comment in the past few years- I'm an old-school follower), i do wonder where all this money comes from. I mean, the girl lied to the world for years saying that her father was Karl Lagerfield.
shugavery on May 15
I think when someone is starting a blog being criticized is something that you have to expect as a blog is a space to SHARE. But I think everything also depends on HOW you decide to present things on your blog. For me GOMI just found its niche eventhough it is a controversial site. I think if you read this blog wisely you can find some ways to make your blog better.
heyno on May 14
People need to remember that anything they do or post online is never guaranteed to be confidential (comment wisely!). As for the money behind blogs: Why is it immediately assumed that these (nearly always female) fashion bloggers have "sugar daddies"? Isn't it also entirely possible these women are running their blogs as businesses, and therefore have sought the financial backing of investors?
petiteavenue on May 14
Thanks for your thoughts! I agree that before anyone jumps to conclusions/assumptions about the financial situation of bloggers, they should keep in mind that they may very well be employed in the fashion industry (so discounts or freebies) or are making a business out of their blogs.
DominikaPerek on May 14
I think we sholud just don't take it so personally, have fun, do what we love and appreciate that we colud be eyewitness of hurt people who write negative comments ;)
NeilAlvin on May 14
I agree, constructive criticism only
DelightfulDecember on May 11
All I can say is take a deep breath and keep yourself logically grounded! I know most of us (including myself) can be pretty sensitive when it comes to negative comments. Whether you want to consider such comments is up to you, just don't throw fire at people. XD As long as the critic is not there to harass or to try to physically harm, then there's not much to worry about.
DelightfulDecember on May 11
Plus, I would just only delete if there's any offensive or vulgar language in the comments. Same for trolls too, luckily, I haven't encounter them yet.
Stilettoe_Diva on May 09
I suppose everyone like to hear what they want to hear. Everything one decide to do has consequences and everyone look at things from different perspectives. Most importantly, a blogger should be honest and true to oneself.
nekorine on May 08
I have that same thought too. Where do bloggers get all the money from to buy so many fab things?!
libertydenied on May 08
I agree that the negativity should be limited. But sometimes, naturally, bloggers give people a reason to "hate on" them. I've seen bloggers now who are "famous" and they are worlds different than they initially were due to their success, differing from their initial goals as bloggers. Branding ,in some way, triggers a sense of un-approachability to those who follow them which leads to negativity.
petiteavenue on May 08
I agree with your thoughts on bloggers becoming unapproachable because of their fame. It's really interesting how the dynamic changes between the blogger and the reader(s) based on the blog's success.
figureofchic on May 08
there will always be negativity no matter what, lots of negative and bitter people on the web :) lol
purplewang on May 08
Actually, I read more of the site, and some of GOMI's posts are pretty funny/spot on. I imagine hearing negative feedback is hard for some bloggers. Not everyone can hear criticism and take it well. *womp womp* but besides that this site has some real, constructive feedback and it gives publicity (albeit, mostly bad) to these fashion bloggers who I've never heard of.
petiteavenue on May 08
I like the constructive criticisms -- some of it I even keep in mind for my own blog.
purplewang on May 08
Just heard about GOMI not too long ago and am taking a second look at the site. It seems obvious that bloggers will face negative comments. They're putting their personal lives out there for everyone to see and have a comment section on their blogs--can't expect it all to be praise.

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