4 Ways To Make Sportswear Look Chic

Updated on May 02, 2012

Comments (13)

susanchuang2013 on December 26
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Tracylee830 on August 07
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RowlandJenny on July 16
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MyersFiona on June 02
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Carolinelevy on May 13
All the looks are so cute! I would love to start mixing more sportswear into my everyday style. Really really amazing article!!
imafever on May 15
Thank you!!!
Radical1 on May 07
Haha, my sportswear is not this cute to begin with.
juliabenitez on May 05
*psych not sike. I like the current trend of mixing sporty items to a chic look, it refreshes my eyesight from all the girly girl outfits here and in lookbook (not that i don't like them, but it can be too much sometimes).
Riya131 on May 03
Yet again creative article, geeze you relate to me tones! x
imafever on May 03
What an amazing compliment :). Thank you so much for making my day!
thegarbedge on May 03
Love this! great article
MyAlexasStore on May 03
Fun article!
salmah on May 03
Amazing! I've thought of this before and I'm glad someone thought this up too. You rule! : )
imafever on May 03
Thank you!!!
irisanddaniel on May 02
Love sporty additions to fashionable looks. Sort of a know-the-rules and break-the-rules situation, definitely makes outfits look way more effortless! =)
F4SHI0N on May 02
i thought you meant chic clothes to wear to the gym not sporty chic
imafever on May 03
Thanks for the feedback guys :)
DetroitDiva on May 02
me too! I always look for more ways t spice up a sports bra and leggings. that was irritating!

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