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Updated on Apr 28, 2012
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Earthchild404 's Thoughts:

I know you can’t see it that well here, but despite my very varied amounts of looks from bohemian, to dark, to romantic, to casual, to post apoc, my favorite look has come to be romantic. I love frills, the color combo of pink and black, the whole bit. I am also a huge gamer and comic book nerd, as well as bit of a cosplay nut (hence why my first posting was of me in cosplay). The problem? My boyfriend, the man you see with m in every picture, doesn’t know that much about that side of me. He’s seen bits and flashes, the heels that have suddenly cropped up in my outfits, the soft, flowy pink shirt with the cravat on it, assorted other hints I can’t currently remember. I know he’d never, ever, leave me. But he loves the dorky, nerdy gamer girl me who runs around in a Justice League or Wonder woman me so much, I can’t help but worry how he’d feel if he saw me in a full out, girly, romantic outfit if it wasn’t a special occasion. He hasn’t seen much of the girly side of me, and when it comes out, he seems utterly at a loss. He seems to think it’s my family taking over my mind, but I’m not so sure. I truly, truly love these pieces equally to my black tanks with my rhinestone skulls, to my metal studded white leather vest, to my wonder woman shirt (and i love me some Wonder Woman, let me tell you), to my blue maxi skirt. But I just don’t know what he’d think, what he’d say to fully romantic girly frilly Caitilin, when he’s grown oh so accustomed to nerdy way too big for her clothes and cosplay/gothesque Caitilin.

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Style_Journey on May 01
l love your feminine top dear<3 +1xx
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