Spring 2012 Trendspotting: Tangerine Tango

Updated on Apr 27, 2012

Comments (10)

violetzNpurplez29 on May 06
wow i love them all :)
candygirlcolette on May 01
scorpionspeaks on May 01
just soo yumm and refreshing!!!...tangerine's on my hit list and obsession too!..
joiedelamode on April 30
love this! I just wrote a post on my blog joiedelamode.com about my top 12 Summer Must-Haves for 2012, and tangerine is THE color to wear!!
Riya131 on April 30
Orange has been my favourite colour since I was a child and can not stop drooling at all the items in stores these days! Arghhh <3
crystaldots on April 29
Yay for Hallie and Laura! I love their colours, and especially how Hallie's doggie showed up as well. Hm : ). Great article, Heather! : D
MyAlexasStore on April 29
Love orange this season!
filipina on April 27
love this color! it just simply pops out and makes any outfit fun and bright!
irisanddaniel on April 27
Orange is always a perfect fashion color!! My favorite color combo is orange and green, similar to the turquoise pairing. All of these outfits are flawless. =)
F4SHI0N on April 27
not a fan of orange,but if this considered more a pinkish coral salmon color, i'm in!

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