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Updated on Jun 25, 2008
white American Apparel t-shirt - white shoes - black sheer footless tights
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Snowshoe 's Thoughts:

This is what I wore to get bloody mary’s with some friends this past weekend. We had all been inordinately inebriated the evening before due to the fact that my good friend’s band, Forest Magic, played their very last show here in Chattanooga as front man Joshua Bennett and his lovely girlfriend Emily are moving to Chicago. After brunch I cooked a big vegetarian meal for everyone and then we had a dance party where we all got inordinately drunk again. I cried. I danced. And I almost punched some kid in the face for arguing with me about Baudelaire. And then I danced some more. Good times.

This is the previously mentioned Shell Shag t-shirt (also known as my new pajamas…) which I recently acquired, worn cuffed over sheer footless tights and an AA black mini (just in case the wind acted up or something) along with some red wayfarers and a thrift store chain. You can’t tell from the picture but all the black on the t-shirt is super sparkly and it’s actually a screen print of their amazing drummer. I need to post a close up of the shoes one of these days too. They were an amazing thrift store find. They have a slight wedge heel and are perforated lace up jazz shoes that I got for $3. They are my new favorite shoes. I was going to sell them in my soon to be up and running (soon = like a month from now..) ebay store “Snowshoe Vintage” but alas, I don’t think i can let them go. I think that’s going to often be a problem…

Comments (11)

Texture on November 07
Great Legs. You look like Liz Phair here. :)
shag on September 07
yay! The shirt look amazing on you. The shoes are really cool too! $3?! unreal..so psyched you are wearing it well...hangover chic! hah! fantastic. Ill have the newest shirts up on the site soon but here you get the idea....:) http://www.starcleaner.com/tshirts.htm
daydreaming on September 03
nicee outfit!
vavavoom on July 17
phunky top
SaraLuxe on September 16
cool tee
FashionAdventures on August 06
from your description of your parties, i think we should have a party. it'd be a good time. plus, you look pretty fab- i'm pretty sure it's the glasses and the chain.
Snowshoe on August 06
that makes me want to throw a party in the very near future. i love love parties. especially hosting them and dressing up for them.
natalie66 on June 26
cool outfit. i love it so much. : )
pandasarered on June 25
i really really love this and im not sure why...i hope i look half this good hungover..
Snowshoe on June 25
wearing your jammies = hot hungover? i say yay!
Cammila on June 25
A little casual, a little sexy, a little rock and roll. I dig it.
Snowshoe on June 25
what's more rock n' roll than a hang over you can't eat your way out of?
MaleUgly on June 25
Those would be my favorite pair of shoes as well! Reminds me of Repetto shoes.
Snowshoe on June 25
i got a close up of them tonight... will be post their perforated glory soon
custo on June 25
This is cute :D
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