Shopping for a Calling

Updated on Apr 17, 2012
shoes - thrifted Guess jacket - Forever 21 necklace - clearance 10 cotton on top
Shoes-thrifted-guess-jacket-clearance-10-cotton-on-top-forever-21-necklace Shoes-thrifted-guess-jacket-forever-21-necklace-clearance-10-cotton-on-top
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INOC_IS 's Thoughts:

So it’s here. The culmination of 5 years of hard work (…well work anyway) has arrived in the mail and it turns out its just a piece of paper. It is my B.A degree. While receiving a B.A. is not an accomplishment to overlook it is easy to. Let’s be real her ladies and gents. The only thing a B.A. means nowadays is that you can read and write. Do not get me wrong. I am proud of myself, but you can add reading and writing to the list of things I do fairly well and sometimes just okay. I am squatting in that awkward place between post graduation and the rest of my life. Yes, I said squatting because this is only temporary. Right?

I mean, I can sit in a chair and tell you why a plunging bandage dress makes Christina Aguilera look like a stuffed sausage instead of the curvy empowered woman she incessantly claims to be in defense of her “Vienna” status, but Joan Rivers already has that job (Honey, that was a joke. I am a seriously diehard Xtina fan. I will root for her with half a bottle of tequila in her hand and six tacos in the other). I am interested in style, fashion, can pull a decent smoky eye off with Walgreens good, and can actually sAng a little tune, but I have yet to find what I am extraordinary at. I have yet to find a skill that I am supremely gifted at, that touches my soul and that of others as well as provides me with some money, Honey (and some health insurance. Shoot You never know when a Mack truck might meet your left foot. #reallifetruth)

I feel as though I am shopping for a calling, sifting through all these choices, and I can’t find the right kind of canned corn. Walking through this supermarket of unrealized destiny, I fancy myself the Asian Carriebradshaw. You know, Carrie Bradshaw minus the trio of gal pals down to talk about teabagging over a midafternoon dessert, Manoloes, and the horribly complicated love life, and the great sex… Alright, I am nothing like that broad, but I do admire her. Ms. Bradshaw turned the journal to her life into a career and all whilst in 5 inch heels and this inevitably enabled her to buy more 5 inch heels.

LIGHTBULB! I think it is time to check out. I may not have the right canned corn or a clue what my destiny is, but I am going to write about it. I am going to speak about it. I am going to go on this journey and do it out loud and of course in 5 inch heels. If you know me, I am sure you’ve seen my closet.

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marisfashionnotes on October 05
great look
districtofchic on April 23
cool look!
jennichi on April 18
beautiful shoes
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