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Updated on Jan 11, 2009
Urban Outfitters dress - CVS tights - Steve Madden shoes
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

…or, i guess, since I’ve already bought it, the question should be “to return or not to return”… but that’s not as good a pun.
So I bought this dress yesterday at Urban Outfitters, and it was the sort of situation where I was exhausted from shopping and weighed down with heavy bags, and half of the clothing there was on the floor… but it was all really cheap, and so I felt like I had to buy something. I saw this dress sitting in a pile on the floor, and just decided to buy it. This is sort of how my mind was working at the time: “Oh, look, it’s a dress from last summer! [Note the trapeze/A-line shape.] It’ll be perfect for… this summer!” This is basically how the trickle-down theory works: some designer shows a tent dress, and 2 years later it ends up in my closet.
I just don’t know if it’s worth holding on to, though. It’s kind of plain and shapeless for me, but I could turn it into a sort of 60’s secretary dress (see picture 2), or just wear it in the summer when it’s too hot to look really interesting. And since it was only $10, this whole dilemma is a bit ridiculous. But that’s what Chictopia is for – getting other people to solve your fashion problems! So tell me, should I return it or not?

Oh, and I also bought some lace tights from H&M. :D

Comments (22)

alpha754293 on July 09
what's wrong with having a plain dress? I think that it draws attention to your face, which is where it should be. Try as it may, the dress can't talk. I've never really been a big fan of lacy tights, but those actually look pretty damn good.
nia on May 04
adored ur lacey tights. gosh im in love with that!
lauraelaine on February 05
I agree with theatre_geek. Tailor it.
cyk on February 02
i love your stockings ^^
theatre_geek on January 31
i think if u tailor it, and work w/ it would work-and by work w/ i mean killer accessories
Ollieliver108 on January 15
Love the dress! It would be cute with a high waisted belt..pleas don't return it! An $10 urbs dress is a rare commodity!
brettmanning on January 12
elec_tric on January 12
do you have a big belt you can put around your waist? try that!
queenelizabeth on January 12
i do, i was just too lazy to find it for the picture :)
thatdorkygirl on January 12
if you fix up the dress (as in picture 2) its totally worth keeping
joannaladrido on January 12
love the tights!!!
Pink_Champagne on January 12
i love the tights, but the dress is just too 'bleh' for my taste.
acbajet on January 11
mmm this is really cute.
chica0770 on January 11
i like it in the 2nd photo - i'd definitely wear it with something to add a little shape. and you'd have to add your flair... otherwise, i'm sorry to say it looks like something my mom would wear to teach in. haha wow that sounds harsh, sorry. love the tights though :)
queenelizabeth on January 12
don't worry about sounding harsh, i totally get what you mean! it is kind of shapeless, although I think it would look less teacher-ish in a more summery context (ie. with bare legs instead of tights). and thanks, btw :)
jamooy on January 11
lovely tights :)
taylorlbee on January 11
I like how you turned it into a 60's style dress. I would keep it since it was only $10. I love your tights too.
_diana on January 11
i loooove the tights. but i think if you make it into the secretary style dress you should keep it, if not, return.
queenelizabeth on January 12
well i probably wouldn't be able to sew it tighter, but I might belt it for a similar effect... we'll see :)
woohoo on January 11
OMG I have the same dress :) and I am loving it! Looks great on you with those tights!
queenelizabeth on January 12
that's good to know, someone else is happy with it... :) and thank you!
ninjaneko on January 11
keep it! but i think you should nip it just like in the 2nd pic.
KellyJoy on January 11
oh yes, love the second nipped waist look! and definitely wear those gorgeous tights with that dress too.
queenelizabeth on January 12
good idea, i think the tights would look a lot better with the 2nd, tighter version. i'll have to try it!
helenz (@helenzhu) on January 11
The color looks great on you! I agree with others, I would keep it - and I too, like the second photo a lot better!
rubysue on January 11
I completely understand the Urban Outfitters Exhaustion Buying. Sometimes I get sensory overload in that store and end up buying strange, random things. This, however, is neither strange nor random - it looks AMAZING in the tighter, secretary style! I'd say keep it and make it your own! PS are those stockings for real? They're incredible.
queenelizabeth on January 12
yeah, I think whoever designed their stores purposely made them confusing and messy so people will buy stuff while not being able to think straight :P and thanks, btw!
vro on January 11
I agree with orsola, I would also keep it! Somehow I really like it also the way it already is :)
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