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Updated on Apr 06, 2012
dark brown American Apparel shoes - heather gray American Apparel sweater
Dark-brown-american-apparel-shoes-heather-gray-american-apparel-sweater Dark-brown-american-apparel-shoes-heather-gray-american-apparel-sweater
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fancygiraffe 's Thoughts:

I’m all decked out in American Apparel today. It’s funny because my closet is overcome with it since I donated a bunch of my clothes before I moved last Fall and then bought a bunch of AA…so you may realize I own a lot of it, haha! Lately I’ve been feeling more self-conscious about where my clothes are made. I’ve been realizing that even big ‘fancy’ brands all have their clothes and accessories made in China, Bangladesh, etc.

We all have tons of things made in China and most of the time we don’t even think about it. We forget that there are sweatshops and horrible working conditions. There have been news stories of H&M workers fainting and who remembers the documentary that exposed Wal-Mart’s horrible business Chinese factories a few years ago? Made me disgusted with the company! And yet we still consume it. Sometimes it’s hard to buy things NOT made in China and I’m definitely guilty of owning many clothes that were probably made by sweatshops, but I hope for a better future with our industry.

I believe that American Apparel is doing amazing things for our economy (creating fair-wage jobs that are sweatshop free!) so I feel compelled lately to buy things from them. I feel like they are often time judged by their “shocking” marketing campaign that objectify women, and yet I ask you this… don’t all ads and magazine covers do just the same? There’s no denying I’ve seen some racy stuff and breasts in ads and modeling photos many times before. But if the lighting is “commercial” then all of a sudden it’s okay? Sorry for the rant. I’m not saying that I may entirely agree with ANY clothing company’s marketing campaign but if I were to choose of one of the lesser evils, I would say American Apparel is doing more good than other companies. __

WITH THAT SAID, I’m really into the sort of ‘preppy’ look that American Apparel has. (Also, is it me or did it seem like they started the trend of chiffon and maxi skirts?) Also, did you notice… I’m wearing new glasses! Yet, my old black glasses that I’ve had for 6 years have retired! Probably not permanently since I feel like those are a bit less imposing on my face, but alas, I’m excited for a change! I got them at a vintage glasses place in my neighborhood!

Comments (7)

chyrelg on April 07
love your skirt. :)
midniteblues on April 07
nice top!!! voted
conita on April 07
soooo cute! voted
franloiacono on April 07
Love this whole look!!
anjastyle on April 07
nice skirt !
Polly_Nirvana on April 07
Soo gorgeous! Love that lace top!
jehanprouvaire on April 06
amazing glasses!! great top and shoes!! gorgeous maxi skirt!! following you!!
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