dum spiro spero

Updated on Jan 09, 2009
dum spiro spero
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joanna 's Thoughts:

While I breathe, I hope.

A simple, basic outfit to get me through the insanely cold day. Hypothermia probably wasn’t far off if I stayed outside any longer. It’s starting to hit me that my days at home are numbered and pretty soon a new semester is about to start. I think I need some Portuguese egg custard tarts to calm my nerves just thinking about schoolwork.

So today I went to Soho to return a bra at Victoria’s Secret, which FORTUNATELY fit too big because I’ve been spending way too much money as of late. SADLY, me and my friend decided to go to Urban Outfitters where I ended up buying a beaded vest. WHO COULD RESIST A BEADED VEST… ON SALE? I need to lock myself at home… seriously.

Finally, we got to Victoria’s Secret and before you know it, the first thing I saw was the bra… in my size. DAMMIT. Then, I started looking at piles of ruffled panties and got carried away.

Lastly, we went to Longchamp to check out the sale. I had no intention of buying anything but I wanted to check out this cross body bag from the Le Pliage line. It sucks because now I feel like I need to have it. UGH. I walked out empty-handed though. However, that doesn’t stop me from going back sometime next week. I mustn’t…

I wish I could be more chic in the wintertime but most of the time I’m wearing my North Face jacket, bomber style and it looks unflattering with dresses underneath. As I’m typing this I am staring at a studded dress/tunic I bought 2 weeks ago and I’m dying to wear it. The only setbacks are that the weather is unfriendly to the paper thin material and I have no jacket to wear over it. I could always go out to get myself a pea coat, but I’ve seen way to many girls my age wear identical looking jackets… Plus, I shouldn’t be spending so much money with the recession/bad economy.

blouse Urban Outfitters
black zip ankle jeans Forever 21
brown boots HotKiss

By the way, there’s a really cute bow tie-like snap button closure at the neckline.

Comments (3)

presidentp3 on January 11
cute top!!! x
pigegeon on January 10
love the outfit!! it's so simple and chic!
inKARLcerating on January 10
yer so pretty love the boots
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