Updated on Jan 09, 2009
red Jaspal shoes - beige doctors bag Miu Miu accessories - brown drape 55 skirt
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glasnost 's Thoughts:

Warning : this is going to be a long one.

I’ve always been artistically inclined since I was small. I never even considered doing anything in any other field. Specifically, fashion was always something I knew I wanted to play around with. From making tiny dresses for my barbies to reconstructing clothes at age 8!

Strange thing was when I moved from Poveda to the British School, I sort of changed track. For a while I got so interested in history and international politics that I actually considered pursuing it. This is something me and my bestfriend and fellow chictopian, Janthina would be constantly discussing over the phone. Best part of it was we juggle our short attention span between fashion and politics and have dubbed it prada and politics

Eventually, I took an international business relations program in England during the summer. To please my dad, I needed to choose a program that had a little bit of business to it but international relations still being its core. — that’s what I thought. Little did I know it was gonna be an extensive business course! I guess it was the first time in my life I found interest in growth and numbers.

Naturally, I was still more keen on what I wanted which led me to attending DLSU for an international studies degree. I realized later in the game that my heart wasn’t strongly in it like I thought it was. After a few months of aimlessly searching for what’s next, I came across The One Entrepreneurship School and that was it. The image and feel of school had the things that I felt I needed. — A venue for innovation, creativity, competition, and growth. Then I knew that this was it and it fulfilled every expectation.

Because of The One School, my eyes have been opened to the important things in life. Even with a creative mind, certain skills and habits must be learned and practiced in order to use this creative mind the right way. It is through discipline, hard work, perseverance and a good business mind that the creative mind can flourish and call him or herself a success. These may sound like minimal lessons and common sense but it is only when you dig in to it that you realize, it is definitely easier said than done. There are a pile of case studies, financial statements, and law cases we are constantly learning from. However, most of it is quite useless without the more important skills. , I have learned not to waste my artistic mind by learning the right skills to develop my business mind.. all putting togethermost of the best things in life.

This is why they encourage that each student should find their own passion, make it grow, and make it lucrative. Every term we have to pitch either a continuous business idea (with updates if continuous) or a new and fresh business idea. It takes up 10% of all our grades and is required to be set up and running in order for a student to graduate. You’ve probably heard that I am building my own clothing line and taking baby steps to grow bit by bit. — my clothing line is called Glasnost. This is what I wore to the presentation!!

I pitched the new angle i’m taking on the marketing of my brand and also discussed my upcoming and first extensive collection called : The Uptown Tropics. Please Watch out for this! *

Here is an excerpt :
" The brand’s iconic pieces are perfect for the hip, young party girl who wants to look and feel fabulous from midnight to sunrise. Glasnost designs bring out everyone woman’s inner fashionista, enabling her to break away from the norm and take Manila’s clubbing scene to a whole new level of style all available a click away. Glasnost constantly and consistently reminds her that the party starts in her closet.."
" GLASNOST’S first extensive collection named THE UPTOWN TROPICS will showcase a new realm for summer clothing. Glasnost will launch an array of designs that will cater to the city girl stuck in the metropolitan heat wave. Earthy tones, light fabrics, and hiked hems will keep every woman sexy from sunset to sunrise."

shout outs to chictopians gyebbie, bianx, and janthina for helping me get through this presentation.

I’m wearing an outfit that I thought went perfectly with the presentation. Both fun and stylish yet commands to be taken seriously

Black Sheer Chiffon top from Club Monaco
Brown Drape skirt from 55 at HK
Wine Red T-strap Sandals from Jaspal available at Adora
Doctor’s bag from Miu Miu

Photo 2 : meet the hair twist – its the easiest and my most convenient obsession yet.
Photo 3 : meet the t-staps. definitely one of my favorites.
photo 4 : meet my newest accessory purchased at adora. this green on gold necklace goes perfectly with all my outfits.

Comments (23)

Huslette on April 04
Love the skirt!
SkylarMagOwner on April 28
Cute skirt and I love the shoes!
mi7esng on January 11
i like!
vanidoza on January 11
love the shoes!
lemon on January 10
love that skirt!
presidentp3 on January 10
wonderful accessories, the shoes, necklace, purse! x
joannabanana on January 09
love your skirt and shoes!
lissakahayon on January 09
I love the draped skirt and your accessories!!!!!
ansleyondeck on January 09
I adore your accessories!
chica0770 on January 09
great skirt :)
foxhuntvintage on January 09
lovely post.
angelgo03 on January 09
love the skirt, shoes and necklace
joannaladrido on January 09
i love the skirt! your outfit is s stylish and uberfierce!!!
mi7esng on January 09
i like!!!
gyebbie on January 09
You look like such a ladyyyyyy! <3
glasnost on January 09
"I'm a laaady" -little britain
pigegeon on January 09
love it!! =] esp your rings!!
glasnost on January 09
gabiatch on January 09
so pretty!
glasnost on January 09
Pink_Champagne on January 09
i love all your rings and unique jewelry!
Clarisse on January 09
I want your rings!! <3
glasnost on January 09
I can't stop wearing em! im always on a look out for nice and unique pieces!!
oliviooso on January 09
i love the olive color in this outfit
glasnost on January 09
yeah the skirt photographs super olive.. thanks! :)
mandark on January 09
lovely! you look like your concept. =)
glasnost on January 09
aww thanks :)
regerafael on January 09
cute skirt. ;)
glasnost on January 09
bianx on January 09
i am obsessed with your skirt! glad your presentation went well!! :) i loved reading this entry because i really felt your strong inclination towards fashion. i <3 you!!
glasnost on January 09
thanks babe!! :) i found this skirt again after a long time! i should wear it again. it really falls beautifully. :) thanks for all the help. :p
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