What's So Wrong with Conspicuous Consumption?

Updated on Mar 20, 2012

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elegantlytwisted on April 03
love the way you write! great article.
Neffy on March 31
wonderful article!
Pandu on March 27
Interesting article indeed. Yes, people like exclusivity and no one like to rock up at a party with exactly the same dress as the next girl. One way of ensuring that exclusivity is by buying expensive luxury brands. But there are other interesting and non expensive ways of ensuring that one doesn't look exactly the same as the next girl by giving your outfits your own personal twists.
obsessed1302 on March 26
Interesting article
Natasha_Haute on March 21
I really enjoyed this article
giveme60s on March 20
I Like What You're Wearing (ILWYW.com) kind of fixes this problem. It's the online mag that features only Industry Approved Rising Fashion Designers... and let's readers guy the styles right off the photo editorials!
pandaphilia on March 20
i know what it's like .. oh yeah. but there's something awesome about having pieces that no one else has!

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