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Updated on Jan 07, 2009
Secondhand jacket - diy top - H&M skirt - CVS tights - thrifted shoes - found ne
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queenelizabeth 's Thoughts:

This jacket used to be, somewhat embarassingly, one of my favorite items of clothing. I got it at a used clothing sale/fundraiser at my old elementary school (for free!) and was so proud of myself for finding it buried among all the useless crap there that I wore it way too frequently. Clearly, it was designed for a small child, with all the fun details like various “official” patches, an airplane zipper pull (see detail photo. isn’t that adorable?) and a lining printed with a map of WWI-era Europe. Also, incidentally, it doesn’t fit me at all. I have a bunch of clothing (mainly jackets) that are sized for children and are kind of ridiculous on me, and every so often I get the urge to find a tiny, stylish person and give them these jackets so that they can wear them and actually be able to move their arms, unlike me.

I’ve always thought that would be such a great idea, to have some sort of website or trading setup where people give away things they don’t want and can get other people’s things for free, using a system of points or credits for currency. There are a few websites scattered around that serve that purpose (including CovertCandy, which I heard about recently and which sadly is UK only…), but as far as I know, none are really widespread yet. The Chic Rewards setup here is sort of similar (you use your chicpoints to get free stuff), but so far it’s a one-ended process (ie. receiving, not donating). I think it would be cool, though, if I could unload this jacket onto Chictopia and let some smaller-sized Chictopian give it a new home.

Well, maybe not quite yet. I’m still getting a little bit of wear out of it. (Mainly because it hangs up next to my leather jacket, so it’s pretty hard to ignore.)

Comments (18)

Badger1989 on January 29
I love the flight jacket! What fabric is it made of? I am curious. Please respond soon. Again, I love the flight jacket! :)
StyleInterplay on October 26
i love this!!
alpha754293 on July 09
Perhaps, they need to make a mini jacket like that because it is trés cute on you but one so that you would actually be able to move in. It looks adorable on you!
that jacket is just so cute and fun!
denisedenies on March 03
pure awesomeness
poorandweird on February 13
i found out the other day that airmen back in the day wore uniforms which had silk maps sewn into the linings, so that nobody else could get hold of 'em. i love that they've included that kinda detail in this jacket!
queenelizabeth on February 21
That's so cool, I love finding out about that sort of history behind clothing!
wwwardrobe on January 11
that little zipper is so cute!
fashioncappuccino on January 09
I love the whole outfit! It looks very interesting!
rubysue on January 08
GET OUT. I don't think you could've worn this jacket more beautifully! I love the soft black min and the solid colour of shoes/skirt/tights. It accents the jacket so nicely!
anggina on January 08
nice jacket!!
Pink_Champagne on January 08
that's a really great idea! i wish there was a website like that!
queenelizabeth on January 08
i'm glad other people (besides me) think it's a good idea. maybe it'll happen one day... :)
lissakahayon on January 08
I love what you wrote but really, you look amazing in that jacket!!!!
queenelizabeth on January 08
thank you! but it's probably due to me trying to pose like a bad-ass pilot in this jacket, haha.
deena on January 08
I love your jacket!!!
Clarisse on January 07
i love your skirt!! and that little zipper detail!! so so cute!
queenelizabeth on January 08
thanks so much!
presidentp3 on January 07
what an amazing jacket!!! i cant beleive you got it for free! awesome! x
queenelizabeth on January 08
thank you, and yeah, it was a really lucky find!
mnavoy on January 07
and i think that's a really good idea btw
mnavoy on January 07
the jacket is one of those things only you can pull off. looks really good
queenelizabeth on January 08
thanks, that's so flattering, although I'm sure other people could pull it off too - maybe even the 6 year old kid it was designed for :)
lisaden on January 07
that jacket looks like so much fun! cropped, leather, beat-up, and with patches? my god i'd wear this any day. STAT. hahaha
queenelizabeth on January 08
it IS fun! too bad it's actually a kind of icky fake leather (which you can't see here) but it does have that weatherbeaten look. perfect for a daring pilot. haha.
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