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Updated on Feb 22, 2012
heather gray dog Urban Outfitters sweater - silver Claires hat
Silver-claires-hat-heather-gray-dog-urban-outfitters-sweater Black-lace-up-target-wedges-silver-claires-hat Black-lace-up-target-wedges-silver-claires-hat Black-lace-up-target-wedges-silver-claires-hat Black-lace-up-target-wedges-silver-claires-hat
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headbandit 's Thoughts:

This was an outfit I wore during fashion week, to the Rachel Zoe and Erin Fetherston shows. Kinda causal, but I feel like the fashion people (at least some of them) were dressed more practically this season. I still liked the outfit anyway…I threw it together after going shopping at Urban Outfitters that morning. So glad that I accidentally went upstairs to the men’s section and found this cute sweater for $20. The pants were on sale too, I think they were also $20.

I’ve said before that I don’t like pants…and I haven’t worn them on a regular basis in probably at least a year. But I think I’m having a pants moment right now. I’ve worn pants four days in a row, all this week. Yes, for me, that qualifies as a “moment,” haha. Pants meaning not jeans. I am still mostly opposed to denim jeans.

Something else: these shoes. Not a day after reading Iris & Daniel’s Sneaker Style Guide and voicing my desire for a pair of wedge sneakers, I found these at Target for $8. While they aren’t quite wedge sneakers, something about them feels sort of athletic and sneaker-y to me….I think it’s mostly the front view with the laces and poofy tounge-flap-thing. And they’re super comfy. I wore them almost every day of fashion week, and many days before and since. It’s funny how sometimes some sale item you buy on impulse can become one of your most worn items, and something you splurge on only gets taken off the hanger twice a year. Actually it’s less funny, more annoying. But I guess things even out.

Oh, and my beanie! Also having a beanie moment if you can tell. Head coverings always seem necessary to me in New York. Helps me feel like I am more contained in my personal space, haha. Weird, I know.

I can’t believe I wrote so much about this outfit! Thanks for reading this far, if you did. Please check out my fashion show reviews on the newly redesigned EIU!

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Comments (5)

Emethyst on May 29're so pretty!! lovely outfit too
simplynikki on February 25
Im going to start shopping the mens section so I can find cool things like that sweater. I just watched the Friday episode of Jimmy Fallons Oscar puppy pedicator and the pups looked like that. Great finds.
folle_femme on February 24
Great outfit! I esp like your sweater, bag and wedges! :)
CHEAPwelcome on February 23
irisanddaniel on February 22
That splurge-never-wear thing is really annoying, and also sad. Haha. Seriously so jealous of this dog sweater, it's so perfect! The shoes do have that athletic vibe, especially at the tops and laces. P.S. Been calling everything a "moment" recently. It's totally interchangeable for any other nouns. (aka Dog Knit moment instead of Dog sweater. Best thing ever. hahaha)
headbandit on February 26
Ahh, I just saw this comment. I'm also having a "moment" moment, hahaha.
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