Candy Pastels.

Updated on Feb 20, 2012
light purple thrifted dress - light pink thrifted cardigan - tan Target clogs
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SomeoneLikeYou18 's Thoughts:

Rejection is something I’ve experienced a lot in my life. Specifically rejection when it comes to friends. Countless times over my youth I’ve found myself being the odd gal out whether I did anything or not. I was always a third wheel to a friendship or the one no one wanted to deal with anymore. Sometimes the girl no one even wanted to give a chance in the first place. I never quite figured out what it is that makes people so prone to abandon me. I gave up a long time ago and just accepted the fact that I am an unlovable person.

Last year in March a friendship that meant everything to me ended abruptly. I didn’t really talk about it much on here because I was so hurt and broken. Its taken me a year to get over what happened to me with those two individuals, and it’s something I still think about everyday. The pain of losing them has subsided, but has not gone away completely. What’s worse than losing them though is the undeniable fear and anxiety I have about being abandoned again. They left me so broken…so hopelessly heart broken. These two people were my everything and the two people who I thought were God’s gift to me for all of the suffering and loneliness I had endured for years. To be rejected by them was the biggest slap in the face I’ve ever had and left me feeling more insecure about myself than ever. When someone abandons me, I never think about what that other person’s reason for ending it was. I just automatically assume it was my fault.

So jaded and insecure I’ve been about friendships this past year that I totally isolated myself from everyone who tries to get close to me. I’m too scared of feeling that pain again. I don’t want to be so obsessed and enamored by a friendship and then when it ends (because they all undoubtedly do end in my life), be left with nothing.

Comments (16)

Lovemakesmecrazy on February 27
pretty in pink
katiecosette on February 21
gorgeous dress! +1
DearestLou on February 21
So girly I love it!
chyrelg on February 21
pretty :)
Reybeltane on February 21
very pretty!
Jannnnnu on February 21
CaraJ on February 21
such a pretty dress!
JAELA on February 21
I had to comment a second time. As a 34 year old woman I want to let you know that I understand how you feel but, you can never be too trust worthy. There are ppl in this world who are going to hurt you and it so happened that it's the ones that you love the most.... You are beautiful, smart and lovable.
JAELA on February 21
Great colors...I love it
AnhPhuong on February 21
love all
glanvillebaby on February 21
The world is so big- I am sure you are just in the wrong place right now- I am sure you re a very special person (and beautiful) who will succeed in life and relationships. Hang in there, misunderstandings happen to everyone, you just need to hang out with people that are mature enough to get past these things. :) Pretty outfit btw :))
ZaneZanite on February 21
adorable colors on you
Koroneska on February 21
soo cute !
Creatingafashionista on February 20
Love this look and its so pretty and girly ... keep your head up !
AshleyVictoria on February 20
You are so pretty! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be friends with you!
bobbysocks on February 20
very pretty always look so sweet and girly in your dresses, shoes and white socks when you wear them.I adore your style. I have been through what you have with friends
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