Nice to be back...! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Updated on Feb 19, 2012
red Kurt Geiger shoes - heather gray jaeger coat - blue armani shirt
Red-kurt-geiger-shoes-heather-gray-jaeger-coat-blue-armani-shirt Red-kurt-geiger-shoes-heather-gray-jaeger-coat-blue-armani-shirt Red-kurt-geiger-shoes-heather-gray-jaeger-coat-blue-armani-shirt Red-kurt-geiger-shoes-heather-gray-jaeger-coat-blue-armani-shirt Red-kurt-geiger-shoes-heather-gray-jaeger-coat-blue-armani-shirt
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londondude 's Thoughts:

Hey there ladies and gents, fashionistas and trend setting chicos!

I must say I missed you all a lot, and enjoyed posting this. It has been a rather eventful period since my last post. To recap, in brief, this has happened -

Got a new job, working for the Fire Brigade (No, not a firefighter, yellow boots aren’t exactly in vogue right now…) More of a support role, running reports and other deeply fascinating things involving statistics for the area commanders.
Libya has undergone a civil war, and the guy with the worlds daftest thin mustache, Gaddafi, was killed. Presumably by some disgruntled mob.
London experienced some rather horrible riots, led by some rather horrible people, following the shooting by police of a rather horrible person.
But, lets not dwell on current affairs, both foreign and domestic. No. What I want to talk about is my fondness for London, and my passion for that timelessly chic accessory, the bow tie.

Me and my partner decided to venture into South-bank for a day of fun, frolics and culture. Knowing the weather in true British style, was going to probably rain later in the afternoon, we left the house rather early yesterday morning. We both decided on having a key color of red in our outfits, she optioned for a gorgeous red skirt, and I went for a red bow tie and matching red shoes. I kind of fussed around a bit with the choice of jumper, and originally I settled on a dark tone, black one. Minutes later, I kinda figured, nope, I want to add some more color so I went with this purple toned jumper. Which, although isn’t matched with the outfit per se, I felt satisfied that it kind of works. I wonder what your thoughts are on that…?

Our day started off really well, with some early morning sunshine as we walked around Southbank. There was a nice selection of market stalls and stands selling a huge variety of delicacies and hot food. Deciding it was time to rest our feet and wet our whistles, we collapsed inside a nice restaurant that specializes in Tapas and Cocktails. We enjoyed both of those options : ). The long Island Iced Tea cocktail was splendid!

Later, we spent a few hours in the British Museum which has an amazingly massive collection of, well, everything really! Such an incredible place, I especially enjoyed the displays of Baroque items, such as their brooches and clocks. The detail of them was just beautiful, and generally a very fascinating period in history. Moving on from these exhibits, there was the Egyptian section. This had some rather mummified people in it, and felt pretty odd looking at them. As we left the museum, the heavens decided to open, and a large amount of water began falling from the sky. We opened up our brollies and made haste to the bus stop, and planned on stopping at another Restaurant, where I could sit down, dry off a bit, and sip on a gloriously refreshing glass of Peroni.


Thanks for reading, and I hope to enjoy some of your comments shortly. I would like to shout out to my dear friend 4everUSMC, whose recent messages prompted me in returning. And may I conclude on this note. Its great to be back, and I will certainly be posting more frequently. I already have ideas in mind for my next post….

Lots of love guys,

Rob x

Comments (13)

violetheart on March 09
i adore the purple and red color combo, fabulous as always xx
4everUSMC on March 03
Good Morning to England, The British Kingdom...and, yes in some parts of the U.S. of Ace...We still follow old English vocabulary!>Thank you, Thank you of practicing with me; You're a great sparring buddy from across the blue, and indeed, we all admire and respect the very least, I do!~Cin
Fatimapayan on February 27
so good!
4everUSMC on March 03
londondude on February 28
Thank-you! : )
Lyosha on February 20
so elegant and classic! love your style so much! so nice to see you here again!
londondude on February 20
Hey!! Thanks so much sweetie!! Its so nice to hear that you liked my outfit and appreciate my sense of style. I also work in a kind of casual office, but I always wear what I want and try and remain chic!!
NanaHoshino on February 20
I'm glad to see you agan! I missed you! I love your outfit and the background. aww london eye! :D Love the bow tie and coat. Great style! :) Looking forward to seeing your next look already :)
londondude on February 20
Thanks nana! So nice to see you guys all on here. Reading your comments and hearing the appreciation is so inspiring, thankyou so much! : )
franloiacono on February 20
Welcome back :D Glad you're here again!! I do love your style, always so inspiring! YAY for bowties :D
franloiacono on February 21
Oh my...that's so flattering!!
londondude on February 20
Thanks buddy! Your posts are very inspiring! My next post will be in part inspired by one of your styles... : )
Style_Journey on February 19
OMG, how are you my lovely friend?? :D gosh, l missed your posts sooo much!! where have you been? ohh, you went to the British Museum!! lucky you!!! l wish l could visit it some day too!! l wish l could be a british girl too, hahaa :D l think it's amazing! now let see about your new beautiful post!!! l love how you styled the eye catching magenta sweater!!! awesome classy beige pants and gray coat
londondude on February 20
Missed you too darling! So good to be back and posting, and yes - seeing how chic and awesome everyone is! Which btw, is so fun! I must confess to being a sucker for preppy styles, and bowties are dam chic imo! Take care dear, thanks! : )
Style_Journey on February 19
you're so stylish and classy, preppy like! you already know how much l love bow ties!! that's so cute and matches your loafers perfectly!! CHIC voted for sure :D mwaaaaaaah =D
alyssabird on February 19
cute! loving your red bow-tie!
londondude on February 20
Thanks sweetie! I kinda loved pairing it with my shoes, felt cool!
JAELA on February 19
Welcome back...hope that all is well with you...You look great as usual
londondude on February 20
Thankyou Thankyou! : )
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on February 19
oh hello there! it`s so nice to "see" you back here, everything sounds great in your life and you look stylish as usual! looking forward to see more styles from you!
londondude on February 20
thanks dear! Such a lovely compliment!
4everUSMC on February 19
Thank you, London!
4everUSMC on February 19
Dearest, dearest London...Londy-Day!>Just read your post, and my new career with one of the largest company of the "U.S. fortune 500 list" is b. hell in London's Words. There are lots of liaison type dealios...and, I must say...your lady Cin has to wear uniforms, however a touch of deep red piping and in your case, a signature bow-tie makes the job go round with a touch of "je ne sais quoi" T.Y.
londondude on February 20
As Always, CIn, Thanks!! : )
Annebeth on February 19
SO nice to see you again, I hope all is well! I just visited Ldn actually this weekend for a quick shopping trip! :D
londondude on February 19
Thanks Annebeth! Hope you had a lovely shopping trip in London, bet it was busy!!
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