graphic tees: DO'S

Updated on Jun 22, 2008

Comments (7)

fashion_soup on August 18
I love your top!
Pink_Champagne on January 03
cute shirt!
MellowKitty on September 08
wow i really love this simple outfit. i'm so on the look out for a similar grafic tee :)
methylorange on June 24
you look super nice in the first picture :)
saray on June 23
cute tee =]
Starrgirl on June 23
Those skinny jeans look amazing on you! graphic tees are definitely over-worn (the wrong way) at my school : /
homme on June 23
I really like your style--you made a graphic tee look way hot! And your commentary is very endearing: "I'd definitely hit it." If only things were that easy, no? Haha

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graphic tees: DON'TS

graphic tees: DON'TS

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