Day Trip-ing it!

Updated on Jun 21, 2008

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newspaperflower on October 22
btw i also do the sunblock thing. living in miami, well my arms were looking suspiciously darker than the rest of my extremities
shoregirl on June 22
lovee this! i can never wear skirts on long trips, cuz when i drive i curl one leg up next to me, meaning the truckers would get a lovely view! probably not the safest way to drive, but the most comfortable for me.
CoedUgly on June 22
ohhh i know what you mean, i do that too haha. Sometimes i put it on cruise control and sit indian style :X
mashobra on June 22
nice. love the hat
princessMLim on June 21
How can anyone not love flammin hot cheetos? hihi Nice sweater too :]
CoedUgly on June 21
i know right? haha, thanks!
Snowshoe on June 21
no lipstick necessary, just apply cheeto powder as needed..
CoedUgly on June 21
hahaha yup...
fashionchalet on June 21
love both <3
lulu on June 21
Flaming hot cheetos are a must.

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