La Dee Da

Updated on Jun 20, 2008

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weathertoday on June 28
I have that laptop :]
lulu on June 21
Take your camera off manual! Haha. Yay I hope you guys had fun last night. I'm sure you looked hawt.
fashionchalet on June 21
cute dress
DeCeal on June 21
Lovely skirt. Nice laptop too, kinda like the one im using right now. hehe, yours looks like a 17" though.
CoedUgly on June 21
thanks! and its actually just a 15" just looks big in the pic i guess
fashionispoison on June 20
aghhh 103 is ridiculous. but hey you were looking cute so whatevs :X
CoedUgly on June 21
i knowww, i became delirious from the heat and could barely put an outfit together
nonorientable on June 20
you go to SLO! well that explains why i have seen you before. haha : ) love your vintage dress
CoedUgly on June 21
ooh you go there too? thats awesome! didn't think there were too many fashionably inclined people in slo...
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 20
very cute! did the coffee shop have a fan?
CoedUgly on June 21
nope but the a/c was blasting!

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