Retail Therapy

Updated on Dec 12, 2011

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allymazing on January 16
i love fashion too and my course is BS environmental science. this is an extremely useful article
allymazing on January 16
shopping is my iboprufen
giuliafederigi on December 19
Shopping help me to fell good! It's a great therapy !
patlaenz on December 18
so true...great article
EWujek on December 18
I am a retail therapy addict. It's the only thing that helps me feel better. I do a lot of thrift shopping because it's cheaper, more environmentally friendly, you support charity(depending on which shop you go to), and you can find high-end top quality pieces for next to nothing.
publicnightmares on December 18
I seriously need retail therapy and to clean out my closet!
SkinniMini on December 17
Retail therapy is the only way I feel good after a bad day.. Or Im just bored :)
phillipthenickel on December 14
I hate to admit how much this applies to me, but it's true.
maryiangge on December 14
very informative. now i want to clean my closet!
Mishelle on December 13
great article!
Malysah on December 13
So true! I just went out and spent 200 euro on clothing because i was literally phening to purchase something for myself! I need help! lol
witch on December 12
It´s really interesting, I see my closet and there´s lot of cloth I´ve never wore, this year I had two weddings and I didn´t have to buy something because I have lot of new cloth, I have to be carefull with myself and start a new year with a different mind, Thanks a lot.
F4SHI0N on December 12

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