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Updated on Dec 09, 2011
Verycom coat
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If we could save everything we’ve collected thus far in our lives and store it in a giant warehouse, everything neatly organized by year, wouldn’t that be swell ? This morning I had trouble sleeping and started thinking of how fashion is like a revolving door, peekaboo the 60s are back ! peekaboo the 70s are back ! oh wait, peekaboo the 80s are back ! and yep, you guessed it, the revolving door still turning and churning, the 90s have hit us to rekindle memories of a childhood lost. And if we could just keep all the items of clothing, trinkets and knick knacks, we would not only be mega hoarders, and they would send us straight to Oprah’s couch to discover what makes us tick and feel the need to keep everything we touch, but the knick knacks, accessories, toys or clothing hold the power to ignite lost memories.

I wrote a while ago about photos. Photography is Death, was a phrase that a favorite teacher of mine once said. Well, objects we collect throughout our short lives, as does a fond memory, seem to dissipate too. We get rid of things, sell them, donate them, hand me down them, just like a memory that gets pushed out of our brain making room for more and ultimately you feel good at first to make room for more clutter, but perhaps the clutter you gave away was almost as if you were giving away something innate, something apart of you. I feel this way. When I think back of when I moved to Luxembourg from my native town of Miami, Florida at the tender age of 11, I remember that I sold many things precious to me in a garage sale, because I couldn’t possibly take all these belongings I had collected in 11 years with me. At the time, I really couldn’t have cared less what was going on, except perhaps I might have frowned at the thought of passing on to another owner the superfluous stuffed animal or Goosebumps book that I didn’t need to read for the 100th time, or the random knick knack or McDonalds toy, or my extensive Hot Wheels car collection, or the random furniture which was worn out due to my constant usage, but when you think about it, that moment in time which you enjoyed with these items is gone, and so are the items which had sentimental value and most importantly memories that came attached to them.

Just like a song you forgot about, but when hearing it once again, can make you almost taste that particular time in your life, well an item of clothing or perhaps a simple toy can ignite a brush fire of memories so bright you can almost see the event playing in front of your eyes. It takes us away, far from reality and the current moment of unimportant woes and conflicts, to relish a childhood memory long forgotten, or an attitude or a feeling we had felt, and snap ! We come back to the now, and remember what is important to us and what we need to cherish.

Why so reminiscent ? I will be visiting my family in Luxembourg during the holidays, so be aware (and be cautious too) that I’ll be digging out some old cherished goodie threads, might be strange, might be odd, but hey ! at least this blog will get a little funkier ?

Anyhoo ! For today’s outfit I decided to channel a bear who got into a fight with a gypsy/crystal ball owning fortune teller. Anyone who knows me, or has seen me strolling around town, that my love for humungous comfy coats is endless. This awesome, soft and brown/black mixed faux fur coat was sent to me courtesy of, the very stylish British online store now available to us American customers or us fashion victim bloggers (I’m speaking for myself here if you seem to be offended by that controversial statement!). Check them out, you can find my newest and furriest addition to my coat closet as seen in this post, here….

Comments (13)

Fani_Nadki on December 11
I love this outfit!! +1chic!!! + follow;)
anonymours on December 10
TelltaleHearts on December 10
Really cool styling
CHEAPwelcome on December 10
Koroneska on December 10
love this faux fur :D
AnhPhuong on December 10
ceeNewyork on December 10
Yessss, this was styled nice :)
Olchik1987 on December 10
pretty outfit!!
Annachiara on December 10
amazing coat :D
heyitscrichel on December 10
gorgeous coat!
jenuang on December 09
very cool look
crystaldots on December 09
ah! the boots, the boots, the boots.
barbiejhaki on December 09
I love your shoes and coat :)
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