christmas time

Updated on Dec 21, 2008
Old Navy shirt - H&M skirt - Wild Pair shoes - f21 accessories
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lalajustineee 's Thoughts:

heyyyy, this is me on a boring sunday night. it’s four days away from christmas, and i’ve finally finished my christmas shopping. it’s been snowing this past week, so i haven’t had any interesting outfits. right now, i’m wearing my extremely comfy old navy flannel and my too tight h&m skirt. w/ some wild pair booties that i neverrr wear. since i’ve been on chictopia for a little while and haven’t told much about myself, so i decided i would now.
Helloooo, i’m Justine and i’m 16.
I still look like i’m 5 years old, though. i really love fashion, but i don’t think i’m anywhere near where i want to be with my style. i live in a boring town in new jersey. everyone here lives in there uggs and tight hollister tees, so i don’t have much inspiration except for my fellow chictopians and the runway. i can’t label my style quite yet. all i know is that i buy what i like, and i don’t care what others think about it. i’m very young still, so i have a lot of time to perfect it, i think.
i hope this helps you understand me a little more. i’m an immature jonas brothers and twilight loving 16 year old who would like to pursue a life in fashion later on. it’s very nice to meet you =)

Comments (7)

kllymartn638 on July 29
i love the little bows on the shirt! p.s. we are like the SAME person!
jbponed on April 25
You love JB? Ahh I'm obsessed hahaha. I have the walls, go to the concerts, everything like that. I love that skirt too (:
denisedenies on January 20
live the skirt. soooo adorable!
Shantee on December 23
that is such a cute skirt!
lalajustineee on December 23
thank you so much =)
lissakahayon on December 22
I love the skirt!
lalajustineee on December 23
thank you<33
inKARLcerating on December 22
this is sooo chic! me too. my inspirations are from chictopians just recently =p
lalajustineee on December 23
i know, my town is awful when it comes to fashion. so this is where all of my inspirtion comes from =)
iheartdresses on December 21
hehe i so relate to u!:) i look like im like 10 years younger than i am haha! most ppl where i live dress all the same in chain store trends etc s chictopias my inspiration too hehe and i dress the way i like and try not to worry wat others think too! thats very cool!:) oh and i love love ur skirt! u look so lovely in this outfit girl! and cool xmas tree hehe!:)
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