Tips on How To: Beat the Holiday Bloat

Updated on Dec 07, 2011

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allymazing on January 16
super helpful :)
LLydia on December 09
I love the term "Flexitarian"! I feel like it perfectly describes the foods I eat as well--I'm mostly vegan but have the occasional meat and small bit of dairy. I've also felt great since making the switch! Thanks for the smoothie recipe; I'll have to try that :)
blairbadge on December 09
I hope you like the smoothie recipe. It's one of my favs! I know, I can't be too strict in being vegan. There's some occasions where I just have to cheat! That's why I think "Flexitarian" is such a perfect term for me! Lol :)
Lhaie on December 08
I am absolutely gonna take note of these tips. :))
blairbadge on December 09
Yay! :)
madamushroom on December 08
Great article and smart tips! This is how i try and avoid too much extra weight this time of year too. It really helps to be extra good coming up to festive days so that it all evens out in the end. +1
blairbadge on December 08
Thanks girl!
headbandit on December 08
Great tips! Those cookies on the main image look sooo good, haha
blairbadge on December 08
I know, those cookies look tempting!
phillipthenickel on December 07
Thank you so much! The last article I read with a title like this just said "don't eat any holiday sweets" which wasn't quite what I wanted to hear. These are actually helpful tips.
blairbadge on December 08
Haha - I've read those articles too. They're definitely not realistic! Glad I could help :)
Style4TheCamera on December 07
Are you Vegan??? Some of my best friends are Vegan, but I've yet to take the plunge. :) I'll have to try that smoothie recipe. And I agree with the 6 meals a day thing. It's crazy how our hunger control gets messed up as we grow and children, if left to eat when they are hungry, have that control down pat. In most cases anyway. Great post!
blairbadge on December 07
Thanks girl! I'm "kind of sort of" a vegan. I like to call myself a "Flexitarian"... meaning I try to stick to mostly vegan guidelines, but am flexible if necessary! I've given up almost all dairy and if I eat meat it's limited to chicken or salmon. This lifestyle change was difficult at first, but honestly I've never felt better!
maryiangge on December 07
great tips!
blairbadge on December 07
Thanks dear!

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